Nola Chic Memoir: Thoughts on my move to NOLA last year

I dont know what the hell I was thinking when I decided to give up all I attained & accomplished in MN, I guess I just got tired. Then my dog best friend Chance died, she buried right on side the porch in the garden.. look at my Moomoo creeping out the house..

Starting over is challenging, I think my expectations on life & the people here was too high. I honestly feel disappointed in some here. Plus my Momo died, so that homey feeling has dissipated. I thought we didnt stick together in MN, but its everywhere even in New Orleans I’m sad to find out. I hv met a few real ppl, the men not even the same anymore. What happened to the NOLA Boy, the Hot Boy, that Southern tall dark and handsome with pickup lines dropping from his lips like honey for a chic to lick off just as quickly as the words rolled out.

Somethings just dont feel genuine..Where are my ppl at!!! I’m like smack dead in the middle of the 8th Ward! I went to school in this hood! Where everbody at! It’s lonely here..

Could it be everyone is all for self, because of the gentrification that has erupted like a wildfire….Idk, but Ill keep on pushing & striving, because New Orleans is apart of me, its the reminder I need from my ancestors and family who suffered, but came out on top. I know I made the right decision to move, but at times it feels so lonely, feels weird not being able to be open or worried about not getting a simple hello back in this new New Orleans…

Im thankful for Melanie & Jay who keeps it real with me & we hv unconditional love & support for each other. #lotsofchanges #nolalife


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