Patton Hot Sausage: A New Orleans Delicacy

The moment I set foot in my house, the familiar, enticing scent wafting from the kitchen unmistakably declared, “Hot Sausage!” The identity of the cook was irrelevant, and the form it would take—whether a po-boy or a companion to a hearty meal—was a secondary thought. The only immediate concern was whether there would be enough to satiate my eager palate.

Allow me to attempt the near-impossible task of describing something that only a true New Orleans native could fully appreciate—Hot Sausage. Specifically, we New Orleanians have a special place in our hearts (and stomachs) for the  Patton brand of Hot Sausage. It stands unparalleled among its kind. The mere aroma of it simmering on the stove can light up your face, inject enthusiasm into your steps, and make your tongue crave for the first tantalizing bite. The spicy and delectable flavor of Patton’s Hot Sausage evokes comforting, fond memories that stitch together generations in my family.

The Patton brand of hot sausage, recognizable by its iconic red and white bucket, is named after the illustrious Patton—a businessman, politician, and a connoisseur of hot and spicy food. Patton’s remarkable journey began in Opelousas, Louisiana, where he owned a grocery store and a sausage factory. He also served as a state legislator, renowned for his contributions to the development of the region.

What exactly is Hot Sausage?

hot sausage.jpg1

Patton’s Bucket of Links

Now, you may wonder, what exactly is Hot Sausage? It’s not a red hot link, hot Italian sausage, andouille sausage, Cajun sausage or any other sausages. Just like everything in New Orleans, A.P Patton Hot sausage stands in a league of its own. This gastronomic legend, beloved in New Orleans, is typically crafted from pork shoulder, pork liver, onions, garlic, cayenne pepper, paprika, salt, and black pepper. A few variants may also include other spices such as sage, thyme, or red pepper flakes, infusing an added layer of complexity to its robust flavor profile.

What distinguishes A.P. Patton’s Hot Sausage from other brands is not only its distinct flavor and cherished history, but also its understanding of diverse dietary preferences. The iconic red bucket contains a version of their hot sausage made with beef, making it a delightful treat for those who abstain from pork. This commitment to inclusivity in taste has allowed A.P. Patton’s Hot Sausage to extend its reach beyond traditional boundaries. Whether in patty or link form, both encapsulate the same irresistible taste. The links nestle the sausage in a casing, which can be made from natural or synthetic materials.


Breakfast Poboy

This beef variant maintains the brand’s signature blend of seasonings and spices, ensuring that it delivers the same authentic New Orleans taste that has delighted palates for decades. So, whether you’re a lifelong resident of New Orleans, a visitor seeking a taste of the local cuisine, or a far-flung food lover craving a spicy, savory treat delivered to your doorstep, A.P. Patton’s Hot Sausage, with its pork and beef options, has got you covered. Enjoy it as a po-boy, with eggs and grits for breakfast, or in any other way that lets you savor this true New Orleans delicacy.

How to eat Hot Sausage

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Hot Sausage with Cheese dressed “PoBoy”

When it comes to relishing this delicacy, I prefer mine as a French bread Po-boy—with cheese, please, ‘dressed’ in true New Orleans style. The links can be cooked in the casing or squeezed out and shaped into patties or meatballs. Summer brings the joy of throwing hot sausage links on the BBQ grill, where the smoke lends an additional depth of flavor to the dish.

A morning favorite of mine is hot sausage links served alongside buttery, cheesy, creamy grits and over-easy eggs. This hearty breakfast can be a surefire remedy for a New Orleans Hangover. For an exquisite breakfast experience or to simply savor hot sausage in all its glory, I can’t recommend Anita’s Restaurant enough. Located in the heart of Mid-City, their grits are unparalleled—a seemingly simple dish elevated to gastronomic delight.

hot sausage.jpg5

Hot sausage link, creamy grits and over easy eggs.

No need to worry if you’re not in New Orleans, though. Buckets of this culinary delight can be purchased online and shipped all over the world. So, if you are a meat and spice enthusiast looking for an authentic taste of New Orleans, order a bucket or two of Patton’s Hot Sausage. It promises not to disappoint!

Just remember, when you finally hold that Po-boy or sit down for a hearty breakfast with Patton’s Hot Sausage, you’re not just indulging in a meal. You’re savoring a piece of New Orleans history, a culinary tradition that has warmed hearts and homes for generations.

Anita’s Grill

2122 Tulane Ave.

New Orleans, LA 70112 [Map It]
(504) 523-1542

Neighborhood: Mid-City
Hours: Mon-Sat 6am-2pm, Fri-Sat 10pm-5am, Sun 6:30am-2pm



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