New Orleans Stay Safe Tips

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After attending the private advance screening of The Intruder and THE INTRUDER Women’s Self Defense Class at Triumph Krav Maga hosted by Fons PR I thought it would be a great idea to share my New Orleans Stay Safe Tips with those of you who relocated here or visiting. 

The Intruder The Intruder is a must-see movie full of drama, suspense, and mystery. It’s more of a psycho-thriller, not scary at scary like Dennis Quaid is crazy, psycho, and insane He played that role. His facial expressions to the body ticks had me wondering when would someone find out he escaped from the looney bin. The movie’s plot made me aware of how relaxed I am at times, which is a good thing, but one must always be prepared. I speak of carrying mace at all times, but I leave it at home often.

One scene in the movie took…

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