Who’s that Chic anyway???

Hey Y’all, my name is Dee Hollins, a 43yr old New Orleans native, I left my hometown 20 years ago to live in the safe confines of Minnesota’s below zero weather. Year after year, I came home, but it never felt like enough. My soul nor my taste buds were ever satisfied living away, so I decided New Orleans needed me to come back lol. Seriously, something in me wanted to return home; I had a yearning that wouldn’t let me rest. I have soul ties with New Orleans. I must admit it’s not easy, but being here feels right deep within my heart and soul’s confines.

The Nola Chic will serve as a practical guide, snapshot into New Orleans, a city of love, new beginnings, excitement, and restoration. Allow me to help you understand why we come back, wish we could come back and what it means to miss New Orleans when we are not here.” As you take this walk with me, please be unbiased to all that New Orleans is, how she came to be, the people who love her, and work so hard to keep her alive.

Some turn a blind eye to her issues, don’t care about her, but always have their hands in her rich, soulful soil and resources with no concern for the healing and repair of New Orleans are not true New Orleanians. There’s no way I can teach or show you how to be a New Orleanian, but I can share our rich culture with you the good and ugly facts of what happens within the city and offer tips on how to enjoy your vacation and the locals here.

Let me show you more to New Orleans than just the tourist’s map that starts at Canal St & ends at Frenchmen St. There’s no group of people other than a New Orleanian who will embrace a stranger. The locals here make New Orleans what she is; the very reason tourist comes back repeatedly. Seriously, do you think you can party on Bourbon Street or any street here without us??? You can not have an authentic New Orleans experience without New Orleans Locals, period.

I believe that once you converse, dine, and party with the locals, you will have a greater love understanding and appreciation for New Orleans, not just the “Tourist New Orleans.” If you want to feel the intense, seductive fairytales are real experience with a splash of realness that manifests in all things New Orleans, you need this local to lead the way. Learn what it takes to be a tourist with the borrowed spirited of a local, which can be yours for $19.99 plus shipping and handling lol…

Whether it’s living here or visiting, there’s no buying what it feels like to be here. It’s priceless. Come into our neighborhoods. Grab a taste of real New Orleans Soulfood. Buy from the street artist, which may be that homeless guy with that handwritten sign or the young man tap-dancing along Canal St. You will be supporting true locals by going into our communities, not just Mr. Tourist Business Man. Tourism dollars are significant, but you would be insulted to know that you paid $400 a night at a hotel that pays $7.50/hr to housekeep. Its called “NOLA GROWN,” which means you are buying locally from the locals, helping us earn a little bit of the millions that come into the city by tourists alone!
After all, the locals make New Orleans all that she is, was and will be. As you walk with me on this journey of My Nola Life, you will love and embrace my city with all her beautiful, loving faults just as we do… Allow me to help put your fears, concerns, and worries at rest from the media hype so that you can enjoy and be free in the Big Easy! Nola Chic about living, loving, eating, and partying in New Orleans. My topics will be like a big flavorful, spicy, piping hot pot of delicious New Orleans Gumbo! It will be a Lil bit of this and a Lil bit of that, to create a whole lot of all that!
So book that trip or follow me as I share My New Orleans Experiences with you!!

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