BadAss Woman Influencer-Nola Badass Women

BadAss Women support other BadAss Women; it’s all about what we do and who we are. It’s been said and sadly often proven that women are known to have hate and jealousy towards each other. I believe this goes back to our upbringing, but we can change this stinking thinking and celebrate each other. A Badass Woman does not have time to compare there is no competition. We are all wonderfully made with our own unique gifts, talents, and she knows this. There is research that shows women in particular benefit from collaboration over competition. Collaboration is a good thing. It goes back to the old saying “kill two birds with one stone.” Just imagine how much we can accomplish if we sat at the table together and devised a great plan! Not only will we eat, but we can break bread together at that same table too!

My Nola Life: Growing up Tall, Dark-Skinned with Nappy Hair

The issues I had with being defined as “Dark and Ugly” came from people outside our family in the beginning. I was darker one in my family and if subconsciously and if possible in the womb I knew the prettiest girls were lighter with so-called good hair and not girls who looked like me. I wouldn’t truly understand that being dark-skinned with nappy hair meant something bad and ugly until I started school. My short afro puff ponytails were mocked and ridiculed along with my chocolate-colored skin. This would be the beginning of a long journey of questioning who I was, searching for validation, depression all because I was trained to believe that the color of my skin and texture of my hair wasn’t good enough or acceptable, which in turn made me worthless to the world so I thought.

Being the tallest, darkest and nappiest girl was difficult, but it got better, much better. It was like one day I went to the mirror on the wall and she responded, “Girl, the dark-skinned, nappy-headed tall girls are IN! You made it Sista, you are now included in the most beautiful of them all!” I am a Swan now and I have been basking in my lil pond celebrating Me without splashing water on my haters. I actually let them swim with me!

Seriously though, I believe it’s because we became aware of what we were doing to each other. We realized that we fell for the hype of European beauty standards that we allowed it to divide us for years.