Naturally Growing Freedom: A Hair Story

Guest Blogger: Tamara Prosper

My mother has been wearing her hair short and natural for as long as I can remember. As a child she had long, curly hair – enviable to some, but a source of pain and frustration to her. As an adult she found it much easier to style and detangle when she wore it short. She allowed it to grow during the winter but every summer, as soon as she began to feel warm, she got it cut down to no more than an inch long and kept a standing appointment to keep it trimmed every two weeks.

Her mother, my nana, had a different hair texture. It grew in big, loose curls and waves while my mother’s spiraled in finger-sized ringlets. Her father, my pop-pop, was proud of his daughter’s long, loosely coiled hair. He forbade her from getting more than a trim, reminding her that God gave her that hair as a crowning glory

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