We are New Orleans

I came across this pic I took awhile ago and it made me think of all of you..

Wondering if you had bouts of sadness, worry, anger, felt afraid and the list of symptoms that come with PTSD after surviving Katrina.

You may wonder why someone worked on your last nerve today, while you tried to make the best of this rainy day schedule. I’m pretty sure the city was full of eyes stuck on the TV screens only taking a break to look outside to see how much water accumulated on your block, I know I did. If I was a betting person, I wld hv made a bet about pump failure, because I wasn’t certain they really fixed them after hearing the Rep say ” the pumps needed more time to pump more than 3 inches of water” why we can’t get the pumps that can pump feet of water at a time??? The money is there, but I guess they using it for their private planes outta here.. IDK

I just wanted you all to know that you were in my thoughts and prayers today. Being who I am, is more than just being “some Chic” who talks about the things happening in our city. I created “NOLA Chic and the Nola Life page, because yes I love New Orleans, but loving New Orleans means loving the people of New Orleans.

The people of New Orleans are New Orleans, the city would not be nothing without the locals/natives of this city. The people are New Orleans, we make this city great, they can’t do it without You! ⚜💛🖤💯

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