Local Entreprenuer honors her murdered sister’s birthday with the gift of starting her own business and naming it after her: Chiquita Miracle Works & Snack Shack

Over the past months, I have learned that life will place people in your life to assist you on your path to healing. At the fork in the road we have the opportunity to network with amazing souls, these life connections can be personal or professional or maybe both.

Last month while on my path to healing, I was introduced to Danita Tate, CEO of Chiquita’s Miracle Works, by Simone O. Higginbotham, Founder, Editor In Chief/ Publisher-of ReBirth Magazine in Baton Rouge https://rebirthmagazine.com/. And her story would pull me out of my dark cave of depression. It was as if life set us up, and God planned our meeting to every small detail while connecting me with like-minded women entrepreneurs across the state of Louisiana…

I was in need of business assistance and guidance for an important meeting and after searching social media for a media company that would grant me this favor with nothing in return. I was told No three times, and I was about to give up when the words ”ReBirth” stared back at me, telling me to take one more chance and after we spoke, Simone sent me the information I needed and wished me the best with my meeting.

We started to network on a frequent base, and she asked me if I would like to cover Danita’s business. I accepted and would find out that like me, Danita was the older sibling of a murder victim, her sister Chiquita Tate whom she named her business, Chiquita Miracle Works in honor of her.

Danita had always been close with her sister, Chiquita and very proud of her accomplishments. Chiquita Tate was the family’s shining star, a high-profile attorney who believed that the justice system always prevails in the court of law. The 34-year-old attorney went into business for herself, starting the Tate Law Firm, LLC, where her motto was

“We enthusiastically and aggressively fight for the needs and rights of our clients.” 

She was known for her bigger personality than life, expert knowledge of the judicial system and a smile that lit up the room, and her devotion to family. She was described as a courtroom slayer and her lavished fashion sense, especially her love for expensive fabulous shoes.

“She was a fool in the courtroom. She slayed a lot of dudes in the courtroom. I know you were watchin’ over us from the sky. And I shouldn’t question God, but we just want to know why. Did you take a good lady and leave us with the blues. But I guess you wanted that good lady up there with you.”

Her husband murdered Chiquita in her office on the day Danita who worked as her legal secretary called in ill. Her husband went to her office with dinner and ultimately stabbing her to death on Friday, Feb. 20, 2009.

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I had the opportunity to speak with Danita about the problematic, gut-wrenching loss of her sister, how she recovered–and her road to entrepreneurship. Starting a business is, by its very nature, a challenging endeavor, and achieving entrepreneurial success under any circumstances is a great accomplishment. But to start up a business and have more obstacles to overcome than applying for funding. Danita was able to defy childhood hardships and the horrific tragedy of losing her beautiful sister by the hands of the man who promised to love her.


When you lose someone, there is so little to hold onto physically, but Danita has some comfort in forging a new venture in her sister’s memory, and her name.


Her words will leave you inspired and ready to overcome life’s trials and tribulations!

Danita Tate, CEO of Chiquita Miracle Works

  • Where did you get the idea for cleaning supplies? Did you create the product or did buy into a franchise? I thought the bottles contained snowball syrup lol.
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In October of last year, it was coming up to my late sister Chiquita Tate’s birthday. I asked God to give me something different to do in her honor, and he told me to sell the cleaning supplies I had recently created. I then sought confirmation three times, and each time I got the same response On her birthday, October 15th, I launched Chiquita’s Miracle Works. And the supplies do perform miracles.

My aunt thought it was a drink too.

Chiquita Tate
  • What kind of businesses do you serve, sell to? Can the general public buy your product, or is it a commercial product? If public, where can we buy it?

We sell to salons, barbershops, daycares, and restaurants. Most of my products can found in homes for general cleaning and deodorizing.

Products can be purchased from my storefront at 446 N Acadian Thruway in Baton Rouge. We are currently working on shipping logistics and building our website. I have shipped outside of Baton Rouge in the past, but I am working on making it a major piece of the business.

  • How do you manage to run two businesses? Or is it three, do you have a janitorial company as well?

I am currently running three businesses Chiquita’s Blessed Hands (Janitorial Service), Chiquita’s Snack Shack, and Chiquita’s Miracle works It gets stressful sometimes, but I manage to put my best foot forward. And keep it moving.

  • Do you have a family?

Yes, I have family, but I run it alone.

  • What type of cuisine does she sell at the Snack Shack? Do you cater? Do any NOLA events?
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Chiquita’s Snack Shack provides Short Order Fast Foods. I haven’t done any catering, but if the opportunity arises, I will act on it. I attended one event in NOLA and currently seeing more to attend.

I can be reached at chiquitasmiracleworks@gmail.com, and the website is coming soon.

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  • My heart goes out to you on the tragic loss of your sister. She accomplished career heights that some only dream of and for you to honor her in the manner of becoming a SuperWoman entrepreneur and naming your business after she is inspirational. Were you in business at the time of her death?

Thanks for your condolences in reference to my sister. At the time of my sister’s death, I was her Assistant/Secretary. A few months after she was murdered, I decided to buy a franchise with Jani King and named it Chiquita’s Blessed Hands. In July of 2009, other business October 2018 Chiquita’s Miracle Works and Chiquita’s Snack Shack November 2018.

  • Sadly, so many of us can relate to your pain, your loss; I’m actually in that number. When my brother was killed months after Katrina, I was able to push myself, and I opened my restaurant, but recently I lost my cousin to domestic violence, and I haven’t been able to recover.
  • Was there something or someone that motivated you after you? What do you do to keep that smile on your face? Would you mind giving those of us out here a tip or two to help us find a way to move while mourning?

Sorry to hear about your loss, I know it’s hard. Some days are better than others. I often find myself feeling down and depressed to top it all off my fiancé died of an aneurysm right next to me on my sofa in April of 2017. This is why I push myself to be busy to avoid falling into a depression. I don’t have anyone to motivate me because I am mama to my siblings and have been since the age of 16. I do have a friend who encourages me on the Miracle Works due to me being semi-afraid to put it on the market because so many unkind people surround me. But like God says, “What I have for me,” and He is the author of it all!

The product has been doing well ever since it launched. My biggest motivation is prayer; without it, I would be totally lost.

As of late, I have a Marketing Manager and a few close friends that encourage me daily and refuse to let me give up. On my down days, I speak of throwing the towel in, but after those moments of pity, I shake back.

My tips to anyone who is thinking or dreaming of starting a business it is said, “you must have a plan well I didn’t” It all came to me in a vision. 

  • What advice would you give any woman out here either contemplating starting or stopping a business?

I will say that if its something you have wanted to do it for a while then makes a plan and don’t rush into it. Pray about every decision, because nothing works without God being n the midst… My sister was a fighter until the end. There will always be negative people to discourage you, but never give up.

  • What do you do in your free time, such as hobbies, organization involvement, etc.?

I really never have any free time, but every now and then I might take some time and travel to my sister’s home in Georgia. I love going to football games as well. That’s all the excitement I have in my life besides spending time with my grandkids…

  • Where do you see Chiquita’s Works in the next five years?
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Prayerfully, I am hoping Chiquita’s Miracle Works will be nationwide in the next five years and on every shelf that has available space and to be a household name.

  • Any quotes or words you live by?

” You can’t touch the sky unless you reach for it.”

“Never allow your past to determine your future.”

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Chiquita Miracle Works is a locally-based black-owned business of household and commercial cleaning products which are made from naturally made by Danita. Chiquita Miracle Works cleaner is designed to remove water lines and rings from the toilets also soap scum from showers and bathtubs. The Multi-purpose disinfectant deodorizer used to clean and disinfect any area of home and offices leaving the area germ free and fresh smelling.

Spring is almost over! That means if your annual spring cleaning hasn’t been tackled yet, you need to invest in you a bottle or two of Chiquita Miracle Works! Some people dread the thought of deep cleaning their entire house if this sounds like you “Chiquita Miracle Works” has a cleaning and janitorial service to assist you in that area.

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