Local Entreprenuer,Danita Tate, CEO of Chiquita Miracle Works honors her murdered sister’s birthday

In October of last year, it was coming up to my late sister Chiquita Tate’s birthday. I asked God to give me something different to do in her honor, and he told me to sale the cleaning supplies I had recently created. I then sought confirmation three times, and each time I got the same response On her birthday, October 15th, I launched Chiquita’s Miracle Works. And the supplies do perform miracles.

New Orleans Black Masking Indians- St.Joseph’s Night with the Flaming Aarows Gang

The people of New Orleans, the ones low on the totem pole do it for the culture and to keep their family traditions and priceless legacies alive. But in more ways, than we know it, the people of New Orleans remains the city with a heartbeat. New Orleanians love to see the expressions on the tourist’s faces when they eat our food. It rejoices our hearts to see you partying on our streets and brings pleasure to our ears to hear you say that this is the best trip of your life. This is all true for the Black Masking Indians their pay is hearing our wows and seeing the flashing of the cameras as if the lens is giving them winks of approval. They love to show off their talent by way of creating these elaborate suits. Then they serenade us with their chants and put on a war dance worthy of Broadway!!!