Family Fun at the Sheriff James Pohlmann Crawfish Cookoff

It was the perfect day, the sun was shining, not to warm, nice breeze just a perfect almost summer day for an outdoor crawfish festival. On Saturday I attended an all you can eat crawfish festival on compliments of the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff James Pohlmann 2019 Crawfish Cookoff at the Los Islenos Museum in St. Bernard Parish. Let me tell you, this was one of the best outdoor festivals I attended in a long time. It was Jazz Festival Weekend and I was A-Ok at the crawfish festival. It had all the feel of the Jazz Festival without the hit to your pocketbook.

I never had so many varieties of crawfish at once in all my years of being a Nola foodie! I was in seafood food heaven! The all-inclusive family fun event included all you can eat crawfish from 32 food vendors, in addition to crawfish they served boil crab, shrimp and grilled oysters. There was also meat options; bbq hamburgers, hot dogs, unlimited beer, cold drinks, snowballs beverages and so much more!

The DJ was spinning all the hottest music and keeping the dance floor, well grass area packed with festival goers.

The kids were safely entertained and had run of the land. There was facepainting, a bounce house, trampoline, rockclimbing and fun activities!

I’ll sum it up for I’ll, ” We had a fantastic,, fulfilling time!” I was sponsored, but I would pay to attend, its definitely worth it! And it’s a short drive from New Orleans, in the country! I can’t wait to go next year!

James Pholmann Crawfish Cookoff is Nola Chic approved and must attend Nola event!

Let me add everyone was awesome, very friendly, fun and engaging! I hardly had to ask the guest to be in my video they jumped in and giving me great content to share with yall!

I can’t wait until next year! I hope to see you all there too! ⚜️


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