First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


I can’t believe I’m finally doing this, sharing my life to a world of strangers. It didn’t come easy, but after my 2nd niece informed me that I was blogging on Facebook lol, I decided to give this a try.

I’m always asked why did I move back to my hometown, my birth town, the city which made me, New Orleans… Why leave the security of Minnesota Nice with its wealth of family resources in addition to being one of the top states to raise a family in the nation. I just had to…

Hopefully, as you walk with me on this journey of My Nola Life, you will not only understand but come to love my city as well with all her beautiful, loving faults… We have soul ties…

Fyi I refer to New Orleans as She. I truly believe the intense magical, intoxicating loving feeling that gets deep down in your soul and heart can only come from woman… plus the fact that the city continues to give life after she is deemed baren…

#NolaLife #NewOrleans #BlackGirlsRock #FromTheBottomUp #ImStillStanding

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