Hammond Love

2017-07-15-21-22-09-676I never wld hv thought I wld be laying in bed on rainy afternoon listening to the not so soft breathing of a man and a good solid black man at that. Today is his off day and my last day of playing house for the past week. It went by so fast and has been just about perfect. To think about it we only had one lil hiccup and he actually sat down to ask me why I was mad, I don’t even remember why I wanted to get mad, but I felt like I had too.

Its something how one can be accustomed to having  dysfunctional relationships and trying to make it work??? Even being in the South having a nice selection of men from my choosing I still found myself looking at my date out the side of my eye and knowing he not the one, not even  the one to give the goods to but hey Im a grown woman & in Minnesota a night out was far & inbetween, so hey…but then Im regretful cuz I truly dont like the man, but put up with him out of loneliness or boredom. With Kelvin, its relaxing, chill, passionate and fun. He lets me be, but he pushes my mind to think about Me and the Whys of my life. Actually he reminds me of my sister, Sweet, generous, but


compassionate, kinda a loner  and damn near rude when they witness a wrong being done.

I always thought I wld end up with a tradional hardworking Nola Man, ya know like the ones who reflect all things New Orleans, the knowledge of survival, soulful, passionate, giving and fills you with a feeling of love that will make you drunk with no hangover in the morning and if you do hv one there’s hot thick buttery grits, over easy eggs and hot sausage patties, even though Kelvin is not from “New Orleans” he some kinda way being all that.

An hour away is not that bad, but the distance between here and Minnesota hopfully won’t hv a negative impact on the growth of what we hv going on…. Im going to MN for a few wels while my son finally leaves to go live oncampus at college & vont his basketball career!! Thats another blog which I’ll write bout, but for now Im gonna miss him, he gave me in a week what I hv been longing for since I was boy crazy.

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