Nola Rainy Day Schedule


I just love New Orleans rain, the smell & sound reminds me of my childhood. My Mom wld actually do the opposite of what one does when it rained. All the windows where opened along with the back & front door and sat in awe of God’s delight on watering not only the soul of the earth, but ours as well &.

When it started to rain today, I fell in line with my Mom’s tradition, until I noticed the water was not going down, but rising. I watched as it rose to the top of the tires of the cars, trash cans & its contents flowed up the street like boats.

Im not sure why I wasn’t worried, but those out of town where as I shared my pics on Facebook. My Son sent an 😓 Emoji and asked if we where safe, we are. I wonder what is going on with the pumps and why after the devastation of Katrina the water cld get to this level. I love my city, but as I see the people who are put in charge of caring for her only care bout themselves. Hey, if it floods really bad they can fly right out of here, leaving the ppl who really make New Orleans what she is left in distress….

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