Surviving after Hurricane Katrina… Let’s celebrate the Survivors.

Remembering Hurricane Katrina brings up a host of painful emotions, pains that we can not escape. The date feels like a bandaid that has been ripped off, exposing unhealed festering wounds. Those affected by Katrina may look and act as though they are healed, but underneath the scab lays layers of trauma.

Thinking back to Hurricane Katrina and observing all the changes in these fourteen years, it appears that the Survivors of Hurricane Katrina are put on display to stir emotions and not the mere acknowledgment of their survival. There are stories behind those voiceless pictures.

New Orleans is drowning, but not our spirit

They come with their slick pimp sweet whispers of hope and betterment for the children of Nola. They seduce the city, our motherland, Nola, and she opens her heart and soul, giving them the key to her, the city of New Orleans… Nola only gave freely, because she wants the best for her children (New Orleanians) and they came dangling good living, a life we have needed for years. She was impressed by the wealth and security that they could provide and all she could think of was how good this would be for her children, the people of the city.

For the love of New Orleans culture…surviving more than hurricanes…

I’m hoping that by reading my writings that you can not only learn about New Orleans, but what it takes to survive the Hurricane named LIFE. You all inspire me to be greater, to not only tell you all what’s hot and popping in New Orleans, but y’all give me the platform to tell my real-life NOLA Life story or as my BFF refers to my world as “Surviving the Life of a NOLA Chic. One thing I know for sure we all are guarantee a life storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and earth quakes that will split us off, leaving us crushed, bleeding and broken in the organ that keeps us alive and some believe it’s the place when love lives, the heart.