NBA Player Lance Thomas to Host First Slangmagic Fishing Extravaganza in New Orleans

Press Release

Slangmagic Extravaganza to celebrate accomplishments of the Slangmagic team and its youth ambassadors.


NBA Star Lance Thomas, former New Orleans Hornet/Pelican in 2012 – 2013, and veteran player for the New York Knicks 2014 – 2019 to host first Slangmagic Fishing Extravaganza in New Orleans alongside his Slangmagic fishing team and youth ambassadors. The event will take place on July 26, 2019, at Victory NOLA located at 339 Baronne St, New Orleans.

After successfully launching the first Slangmagic Pop-Up back in New York City on June 19, 2019, Thomas and his Slangmagic team will be bringing the experience to New Orleans for the first time. Media will be able to enjoy exclusive one-on-ones with Thomas and his fishing team, an inside look at the Slangmagic Youth Ambassador leadership and personal development program created by CEO/Founder Lance Thomas, a Slangmagic merchandise pop-up booth, the daily ‘catch’ prepared sashimi style by celebrity chef Haley Van Vleet of “Belle Epoque” restaurant, raffles, signature Victory cocktails, live entertainment and more.

The Slangmagic Extravaganza will also include the first-ever Youth Ambassador award ceremony honoring the hard work, dedication, leadership, and love of fishing of the Youth Ambassadors, both male and female, 18 years old and under.

For more information on Slangmagic and the Slangmagic Youth Ambassador Program please visit: For media information please contact Marissa Hoffmann at The Tesla Group

When not on basketball court, Knick captain Lance Thomas can be found captaining competitive fishing boat, catching 100-plus-pound yellowfin tuna among other things. (The Tesla Group)

ABOUT LANCE THOMAS: Slangmagic was founded by Lance Thomas, Duke University graduate and NBA veteran. Lance was introduced to the sport of fishing by his best friend Kenjuan Nichols while attending Duke University. Since then, his love of fishing has grown from ponds and lakes to the saltwater of the Gulf of Mexico. He has been an avid angler for over 10 years, moving into the offshore circuit five years ago. He is also one of the youngest pro-athletes on record to obtain his OUPV and Master 100 Gross Ton Sea Captain’s license. Lance has cast a wide net, morphing his natural-born competitiveness into an ambitious team of skilled offshore fishermen and a unique fishing brand comprised of clothing, gear, charity events, and young ambassadors to create: Slangmagic.

Lance poses in front of his boat, Slangmagic, in Brooklyn. (Photos by Amir Ebrahimi)

(Photos by Amir Ebrahimi)


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