Recap of the Black News Channel Launch Events in New Orleans hosted by Fion Productions: VIP All White -BNC Launch Party & Honoring Queens of Zulu Social & Pleasure Club

I can’t begin to tell you about any of the events I attended regarding the Black News Channel without telling you about the people who made it happened. When I received the call about being involved in a panel discussion regarding the launch of the Black News Channel, I didn’t realize the significance of it all until after I accepted and did a search Google. Do I need to tell you I choked up, teared up and my heart filled up with joy to be selected to be a part of Black History!? What a privilege!

I sat on writing about the events because I felt nervous, so nervous I asked another journalist to cover the story. I thought I wasn’t enough. I told myself there was no way in the work I could keep up interesting, mind provoking, in-depth dialog with the likes of J.C. Watt, a U.S. House Representative, and his millionaire buddies. I questioned myself, but the person who selected me for this job had to see my worth, believe in my work and trust that I would deliver because her name was on the line. Knowing that had a profound effect on me, and I held my head up and did it. And you know what I found out? Not only are people who we feel are high, reachable, but they are willing to bring you up to their level.

The Black New Channel events I attended had a blueprint designed with a foundation of building up together, coming together, growing and lifting people and not only Black people. There was room for everyone, and it felt great to be there.

Speaking of togetherness, let me tell you the tea you all to people behind the Black New Channel events in New Orleans, the owners of Fion Production.

Being in any relationship, be it with your family, friends, husband & wife, or significant other is no easy feat. Nor is being in business for yourself and building an empire. But doing both, together with your spouse, is phenomenal! Which is why I’m awestruck by this dynamic duo; John and Kimberly Dilosa. They are partners in their personal and professional lives. From the outside, looking in one can clearly see that faith in God is what gives them there edge in the world of entrepreneurship and advocacy. I’m honored to say that they are one of my most admired couples! They present as real people, and we need more couples like them.

Mr.John Dilosa and Mrs. Kimberly Dilosa-New Orleans Power Couple

When we think of power couples, the first thing that comes to mind is the rich and famous, but I believe that the true title holders are those who create from nothing more than coming of their thoughts and love. John and Kimberly are compassionate, giving, driven business partners of FION Productions and A Solid Photography of New Orleans as well committed advocates for programs such as Youthanasia Foundation. It’s indeed an honor to watch their dreams unfold. As a divorced woman who has given up on this thing called love, it brings joy, and some hope to my heart to witness their union. I’m happy for my sister-friend and proud of John for being a great husband and father.

As July comes to an end, I decided to recap on the monumental events organized by Fion Productions for the Black News Channel (BNC), the nation’s only African American news network to air Black success as mainstream news. BNC founder and chairman J. C. Watts, Jr. addressed national, state and local leaders in New Orleans about the network’s national launch on November 15, 2019, during the busy week of the 4th of July and the kicking off Essence Festival weekend. Jefferson Councilman Mark Spears, Louisiana state Rep. Rodney Lyons, and Jefferson Parish School Board members Simeon Dickerson and Ricky Johnson hosted the event.

According to BNC’s website, “The Network Operations Center will aggregate news and educational content produced or gathered at one of BNC’s five major domestic news bureaus/production studios. These bureaus/production studios will be located in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, DC, Chicago, and New Orleans.”

Black News Channel will launch on November 15, 2019, to an estimated 33 million cable TV and satellite households in the top African American TV markets including New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. BNC is an independent network that is minority-owned and operated, and it will be the nation’s only provider of 24/7 cable news programming dedicated to covering the unique perspective of African American communities. The network’s visionary is J.C. Watts, Jr., a former congressman from Oklahoma, celebrated athlete, and broadcast and cable news veteran. Black News Channel programming will illuminate the truth about the unique challenges facing urban communities and help close the “image gap” that exists today between the negative black stereotypes perpetuated by mainstream media news and our active African American communities. The network will provide an authentic, new voice that represents African Americans in mainstream media and fosters political, economic, and social discourse; the network will be one voice representing the many voices of African Americans.

Fion Productions hosted a VIP All White-invitation only launch celebration and women empowerment tribute to the former Queens of the Zulu Social and Pleasure Club on July 4, 2019, for the Black News Channel (BNC). The event MC was New Orleans own media personality Nyesha “Algiers Diamond” Wilson. The celebration was it’s first if kind marking the day when the Black New Channel made New Orleans history by being the first to honor the Queens of Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club, Inc. as a group in the organization’s history!

“Our network will deliver intelligent programming that informs, educates, inspires, and empowers our African American audience. African Americans have been asking for this kind of programming that will give them a voice in the national conversation about issues that matter,” says network Chairman J.C. Watts, Jr.
More information about the launch of Black News Channel can be found at

Needless to say, the VIP All White Launch Party was executed to perfection. Guest wore fashionable white attire, dressing the room was a sea of white with pops of milk, dark and white chocolate, and hints bling. The afternoon gathered supporters from different backgrounds and a shared interest in the success of the BNC. The party was an opportunity for guest to meet BNC owners, Zulu Queens, network and create awareness about the need for more positive black news.

We had a great time in the bright, open-spaced Main Room, where the stunning all-white decor was complimented with feathers and pops-of sparkles. The patio area was decked to the nines in draped in sheer white flowing fabric, Modern white plush couches, fabulous balloon arrangements, and the incredible New Orleans view.

One of the highlights of the evening was the photo booth where guest stepped behind the curtain to unleash their alter Nola ego with an assortment of mask and props. Every guest went home with a commemorative Black News Channel memory compliments of the Happy Photo Booth!

There was a delicious spread of New Orleans cuisine and treats, and host of small business owners sold their goods on the patio.

Guests danced to the tunes of a true Nola DJ New Orleans spinning rhythms and sounds that perfectly complimented the event. And a crowd wasn’t shy about getting out of the dance floor and enjoying the music! To signal the conclusion of the event in the hallway lined a New Orleans Brass Band lead by MC Algiers Diamond and as others joined in the Second Line with lively footwork action while swaying and snapping their white handkerchief in the air.

The launch party was amazing! It was filled with beautiful things, beautiful people, and delicious food, cocktails, and good times!

Thank you Fion Productions for allowing me to be a part of New Orleans Black History!

In my next blog, I will share about being on the panel discussion for the Black News Channel.

For even more event pictures and lots of gorgeous photos of our guests, check out

Photo Credit: Dee Hollins, The Nola Chic, A Solid Photography, Kimberly Dilosa, and The Happy Booth Photo


Kimberly Dilosa Vince Craige

NOLA by Nature brand designer/owner Vince Craige designed a commemorative Queen Zulu edition of his famous shirt! The back of the shirt has the name of every Zulu Queen from the beginning to present; each year Vince will add the name of the new Zulu Queen to the design and present the shirt to the new Queen at a Zulu event 😍😎👏🏽

Photo credit John Dilosa A-One Photography

Dee Hollins, The Nola Chic and J.C.Watts, Chairman and Founder of BNC


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