Mr. Okra: New Orleans Food Truck Icon

wp-image-234518600People all over town know New Orleans native Arthur Robinson as Mr. Okra — or sometimes just Okra — his trade name as a roving produce vendor who patrols the streets in a pickup truck packed with fruits and vegetables and painted with renderings of his inventory. His voice — a deep, bullfrog baritone — bellows from the truck-mounted P.A. system, announcing his inventory and its goodness. His banter has been featured on numerous albums by local bands, he’s a regular vendor at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and he was the subject of the 2009 documentary Mr. Okra. [source: New Orleans Gambit]

Mr. Okra appeared on the November 2012 episode of The Goodnight Show!

wp-image-1942397702.wp-image-1494553510.wp-image-609875345Mr. Okra needs our help.

He had some recent health issues that kept him from working. Not working has caused him to get behind on truck maintenance and repairs. Now he’s trying to play catch up. Business has been slow, on top of all the other issues he is facing, and he would never ask for any help. I spoke with him this morning and felt like he was asking but not asking for help.

I really want to help him get his business back up and running, by either repairing his current truck or helping him to get a new one. I’ve decided to see how many people feel the same way I do.

I have setup a GoFundMe site for him. In the past, many people have done videos and used photos and made tshirts etc, and everytime he gets very little of the money. This time every penny is going straight to his personal checking account. Whatever you can do will certainly bring us one step closer to making his dreams a reality. He never gives up, so lets not give up on him! Let us show him how much we really do love him.


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