My star studded fabulous night at the Big Easy Entertainment Awards


Last night I had the opportunity to work and attend the Big Easy Entertainment Awards and it was fabulous! All who were in attendance had personalities that reflected our New Orleans spirit, very kind, outgoing, beautiful people.

Photo credit Shannon Yvette


The entertainers I met were awesome, they are like.. ya know regular people lol. I found that the only thing that separates us from celebrities is the cameras, outside of living with the whole watching, they are just like us.

Speaking of being just like us, I met entertainer, Meschiya Lake she was so cool I wish I could hang out with her. She’s super cool, classy with that edge of “I’m so New Orleans. She was a free spirit and I loved seeing it, she was just so fun. I spent more time with her than working lol.

I met Irma Thomas, Germaine Bazzle and Wanda Rouzan, they were so kind to me. I did not know I needed to get Mrs.Bazzle and Mrs.Rouzan when I escorted Mrs.Thomas to the stage and I was so upset with myself, but they hushed me and told me I did the right thing. They encouraged me to keep on pushing on with my career and told me to stop apologizing for my success.

I met a group of pure fabulousness, yasss they were all that! They had me laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. They were part of the Tennessee Williams Theater and I look forward to running into these fellas again.

Nola Chic and the Krewe of the Tennessee Williams Theater
Nothing but Nola Fun


My evening was full of mingling with people in the entertainment industry, so much so I think I was one for a moment.

As you all know I’m a big RuPaul Drag Race fan and the Mistress of Ceremony was the hilariously funny, voluptuous Ms.Varla Jean Merman. She shown a clip of costumes to wear and she dressed up, well she squeezed her entire body into a brown sweater including her legs and head, folding herself up to resemble a butterball turkey. 😂😂😂 It was too funny.

Nola Chic and the Diva Varla Jean



Being a native of New Orleans meeting Big Freedia was epic for me. Yes, I a huge fan, but more so I’m so happy and proud of her creative genius that enabled her to be who she is now. As with many of New Orleanians we keep on pushing towards our goals even while going through pure hell. I wish her much success and look forward to getting to know her as I climb my own Nola ladder of success.

You already know!!! Big Freddia & Nola Chic!!

I can’t stop repeating how wonderful of a time I had! And to think of how nervous i was beforehand, I literally stress myself out for nothing. The event felt nothing like work, I felt like I was born to it, I was in my element, so much so I didn’t eat much and that’s not like.. Now, I’m wishing for a bowl of crawfish pasta or a muffaletta.

Jon Broder
Foundation for Entertainment, the Master of the event was just as chill too. He talked with us, mingled with his guest while looking pretty dapper in his creamy rose 70ish inspired tuxedo or was it a suit..? I’m not sure, but if he was a woman I would say he slayed the scene and I would give him the Best Dressed Man Award, he defiantly made a fashion statement.

*I will request a pic of him, the one I took came out blurry.

I think of it my co-workers who put in a total of 15 years of working the Big Easy Entertainment Awards mentioned that it didn’t feel like the normal either, recalling years of stress and mishaps and late performers, we basically breezed through the event.

The evening was a hit and words can not describe how it felt to be a part of such a magical event. It’s never ending thanks to Jon for selecting me as well as to the krewe for welcoming me with open arms and showing me the ropes. Everything was just awesome.

You know what I’ll stop with all the “oh it was so fabulous event and let you judge for yourself!

The Nola Chic on the NOLA Cobblestone Brick Red Carpet at the 30th Anniversary Big Easy Entertainment Awards
Nola Stars
Let’s go get em

Photo credit of Shannon Yvette


Photo credit of Shannon Yvette

Photo credit of Shannon Yvette

Delish da Goddess



















Little Freddie King with Samantha Fish
Little Freddie King with Samantha Fish








Betty Winn & One A Cord
Betty Winn & One A Chord
cast of Once On This Island

Meschiya Lake having a moment











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