Essence Festival 2019 Memories: NYDJ Family Festival at the Jane Club New Orleans Review

Dat NOLA Chic

Essence Festival hosted several events to celebrate all things Blackness and Womanhood in New Orleans, and Essence Festival 2019, as the older generations would say, “Do not owe me nothing!”.

It was a magnificent year for my brand and my life. I was home long enough to close my eyes, jump in the shower, throw some makeup and clothes on, and run out the door to the next VIP experience! I was so busy I didn’t get a chance to blog about all my experiences.

Thanks to the excellent advice of my mentor, I did snap lots of pictures and recorded them for a rainy day like today. Living out my best NOLA Life has gifted me the opportunity to attend so many fabulous events, meet so many wonderful people and eat some of I attended so many fabulous events and met some fantastic people, and as you can guess…

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