New Orleans Native Stacey Muhammad takes a seat in the Director’s Chair on “Queen Sugar” on the OWN Network

One of our New Orleans Sisters, Stacey Muhammad, award writer, director, and producer has added another achievement to her resume; she is one of Queen Sugar’s newest all female directors! Yes, another one of ours has made it to the Big Time with Auntie Oprah lol. I couldn’t help myself.

In addition to Stacey Muhammad, Queen Sugar added four new directing chairs bringing the total number of female filmmakers to make their U.S. scripted television directing debuts on the all-female-helmed series.

The new directors are Clacey Duke, C. Fitz, Pratibha Parmar, Deborah Kampmeir and Stacey Muhammad.

“Stacey’s voice as a filmmaker is clear, bold, and ready to be heard.” – Ava Duvernay

Photo credit Queen Sugar OWN Network.
Stacey Muhammad

New Orleans native Stacey M. is an award-winning writer and director with an impressive slate of groundbreaking, critically acclaimed work that has screened before audiences worldwide.

“What a gem of a director has been found in the discovery of Stacey Muhammad. Her series, For Colored Boys, is a marvel of cinematic craft and superb storytelling. The series reminds you of the high quality shows The Corner and The Wire. Stacey is that good of a director.” – Charles S. Dutton.

If you do not know Stacey Muhammad, by name I’m pretty sure you have heard of “The Creed, For Colored Boys, I AM SEAN BELL, Finding Forever and BET News.” Yes, that’s all her! In addition to that, she has produced and directed several New Orleans based documentaries.

On April 30, 2019, Stacey M Films released ”Black AF Mini Docs” episode one features the Black Indians of New Orleans with Big Chief Kevin Goodman and the Flaming Arrows.

I recently celebrated St. Joseph’s Night with Big Chief Kevin Goodman and his Gang, and we had a wonderful time under the Claiborne Bridge.

I’m so excited about our future, New Orleans! Look at us soar all over the world, defying the odd, erasing stereotypes, creating legacies, and paving the way as those before us! I’m honored to be entrusted share with you all! There’s no better feeling than to see one of my sister’s of any race shatter the ceilings made to block our view of the stars!

My Nola Sister’s are definitely on the map and making waves in the oceans!!⚜️

Thank you, Anita, and Stacey for being the ultimate Nola Chic Roll Models!!!

Source: The Tweet and Photo credit: Anita, APMedia Exec, Stacey Muhammad and Queen Sugar OWN

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