Grand Opening of NOLA Sips SnoBar & Bistro

Stricen Carter, CEO of NOLA Sips and Sweet Thangs, is known as the creator of the designer Sno-ball and specialty liquor-infused drink pouches. Carter, who is now, 24 years old, has hustled her way from working as a Secondline and PopUp Shop Vendor since 2018 is now the owner of two brick-and-mortar businesses.

On Sunday, May 30th, Carter, along with friends, family, and new neighbors, celebrated the grand opening of NOLA SIPS Snobar & Bistro at 2633 Saint Claude Ave in true New Orleans fashion! DJ Snipe kept it lively on the Ones & Twos as patrons sipped and celebrated. Carter, The Troop Band, The Zulu Tramps, and New Orleans Black Masking Indians led guests outside to take it to the streets to Secondline. As the music floated through the air, people came from out of the woodwork and jumped out of their cars to join in on the celebration.

The entire bar was beautifully decorated and created straight out of your childhood imagination. Every detail was designed to make you crave something fun, sweet, and sugary to sip on. Vibrant colors dotted every inch of the party. Elaborate balloon displays greeted you at every turn, candy garland-like lanterns fell from the ceiling, white chocolate candy countertops teased your sweet tooth and string candy-like lanterns hung from the ceiling.

The young Boss Lady, Carter, and her family coordinated in matching, super-colorful, fashionable candy-inspired looks.

NOLA Sips specializes in custom snowballs, NOLA sip cocktails, an array of nachos, snacks, and more. For more information about NOLA Sips and Sweet Thangs NOLA, please visit:

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