We must release our pain & LIVE

Life is too short, full of precious lives we get to share it with. At times we all can hurt each other, say hurtful things, sometimes we not only attack the physical self of others but in lashing out we always cut ourselves. I found that pain, is a learning experience, it hurts initially, starts to heal, you see the scab and once it’s heals it leaves a scar to remind of the painful experience, hopefully it will remind us to put a helmet on the next time. The heart in our body is designed to take in good and pump out the bad, it doesn’t keep all the pain inside of us we must release it… let it go 
I have been offended and have offended others, at this time I ask you to please forgive me, know that I have forgiven you long ago there’s no need to see you or hear the words. There’s so many lives leaving this earth, someone in terrible pain, someone scared, hungry, the devil himself is forcing someone to hurt someone in the most cruel volient way possible. Life is hard enough, we need each other to get through it.


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