New Orleans Saints Game Color Blinds Us:We are One

My Auntie Grace and I went into the Bywater Neighborhood to watch the Saints & Falcon’s football game. As you will hear in my video I will say “We are with the white people” about 3 times as well as referring to the new transplants or locals who moved here as “Non-New Orleanians.” 

Initially I felt uncomfortable and out of place being that we were the only black people in there, but in the endI had so much fun and met lots of interesting people. 

When, I first came in it was crowded and we saw empty bar stools by some and instantly the stool was covered by a jacket or leg. We smiled and went to the back, greeted by these folks in the back, stood around, spoke and offered stools and a table. I think like me, they were wondering if it was ok to interact, but all it took was a touch down to break the ice. 

Being a native of New Orleans, born and raised here and moving back after Katrina, I am very vocal about my views on the take over of New Orleans by the new wealthy people who have moved in. I see the shift, change and witnessing the drowning of my culture right before my eyes and I have no one to blame, but the people who the media is showing me have came in and claiming my city as there own. I based this perception by what the media is feeding me never once speaking directly to the new white people who have moved here. This night I had a chance to hear and see with my own eyes.

I met some wonderful people, gained new NOLA Life followers and friends. I found that like us white people are just as hospita and fun as black people. I believe the past has us thinking that our skin color makes us indifferent, but we all share all of life’s commonalities. 

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The Non New Orleanians were receptive & understood my concerns about the change in New Orleans, but they mentioned that they are here,  because they want it to remain the same too. 

Hopefully,  with this common concern we all can come together and keep the soul and culture of New Orleans in tact while making New Orleans better!⚜ 

I met met people from all over the world, France, Canada, Africa, Spain and they are all here in New Orleans.  They love my city, our city even with all our troubles. Just hearing them speak in their dialects trying to get me to feed them our culture was just the validation I needed. 

It was a memorable experience and I thank those that manned the bar & the kitchen for their hospitality as well. A special thank you to the New Orleans Police for being a part of our friendship circle. It was awesome! ⚜


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