Did you know my Daddy, Nola Businessman, George Albert Price

Hi, with the growth of my Nola Life page it was put on my heart to ask if you all know any of my relatives and friends of my Daddy, George Albert Price. 

My Daddy was a well known New Orleanian Businessman, loved by many people. There was an overwhelming amount of people in attendance at his funeral, sharing their love and stories of him,  but Im pretty sure that represents a small percentage of those who knew him. I’m hoping someone out there knows of someone who knew him. 

I’m pretty sure one of you had your hair done by him or even knew him from his work in the community and church. Back in the late 70s in the Desire Project he assisted people with jobs, my Mama was one of those people.  Y’all have to help me find my family and connect with those who knew him, please. 

My life is taking me to a place where I know my Daddy would have been to guide, support and protect me.

My Daddy owned the 1st Black Beauty Salon on Canal St, a block from Krauss and blocks away from the former Iberville Projects. He named his 1st location, at 1405 Canal St after my favorite snack “Raisins” I was the only child who would eat Raisin Bran and would eat the raisins out of cereal box when I didn’t want the bran part. 

He owned two salons Raisin’s as stated above on Canal St. He sold it to Jeanne’s which was the new name of the salon and also Element’s of Style on Franklin. 

As a little girl I remember playing around on the salon’s wooden stage at Raisin’s, spinning around in the chair as he pumped it to its highest state. I can still smell the hot irons, feel the heat from the burning hot hair dryers and hear the the phone constantly ringing.

He would make sure that everyone knew we was “George Price’s daughters.”I remember being a teen catching the bus and the bus driver asked “Are you by chance George Price daughter?” I never met this bus driver,I thought to myself and he calling me the child of the correct man. I was blown away. He informed me he met me and saw me  out with my father several times when I was younger and I looked just like my Daddy then and now. lol. Back then being a teengirl, I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing..to look like my Daddy who was a boy in essence. I was elated that my Daddy was so popular then and kept that moment close to my heart.

My Daddy was the Ultimate Entrepreneur, very dedicated to his craft, always learning and teaching.He worked with Bonner Brothers as well, he was always on top of the Beauty Industry and Business World. He loved his career that he made for himself, he beemed of pride, head always high; his tall big stature commanded respect 

My Mama declined on my Daddy’s marriage proposal a few years after the birth of my little sister and they shared parental custody. Our visits would always start out at the shop, always. He was always working, that’s the life of being self employed. I didn’t mind being in the shop at all, I actually benefited from it. His work ethics and passion prepared me for my future and made me a better businesswoman.

Almost 2 years after his death Katrina destroyed the beginning stages of reuniting with my Daddy’s side of the family. His family originated from the 9th Ward, most of them continued living in the area throughout their lives and Katrina forced them out. I was in contact with his sister my Aunt, Janice Thomas and Claudette, but haven’t heard from anyone since Katrina. It didn’t help that I lived in Minnesota and I left Nola when I was 18yrs old, so I didn’t have a solid bond with his side of the family as it was,  but I would to have some kind of relationship with them now. I know it may be awkward in the beginning, but we are technically family and we can make it work. Seeing stories of reunification on TV can go either way, but it’s not like we do not know we exist. I met my aunts and uncles early in life and have memories. I can remember hugs from my Grandmother, sitting in her kitchen and I remember playing with a boy cousin who was a little older than me. 

 I want my kids and grandkids to know my Daddy’s side of the family. I want my son, grandsons and nephew to hear the stories of his life, so they can see the similarities they have with their GrandPapa. They were so young, but I’m happy my Daddy knew his grandkids and spent time with them prior to his death. 

My Daddy didn’t have any son’s and he was so happy to have grandsons and it hurt him that we lived way in Minnesota.  On a visit here to New Orleans he took us all out to my favorite restaurant, Copelands, he got the private area so his grandkids could be themselves and they were. I remember how different he was with his grandsons than with us, girls when we were younger. My son, now college basketball player, Keenen was throwing his ball across the room, jumping out of his chair, rolling on the floor and I attempted to chastise him, knowing that my Daddy would do it if I didnt, but no I got in trouble for trying to stop him… “Let, Keenen be” he said, my mouth is still opened in shock and disbelief. I just knew we had more of these moments to come. 

 I have two grandsons and my daughter gifted me with the opportunity to name my 2nd grandson after my Daddy “George Anthony” Albert was a bit too old-fashioned for her, but my Daddy’s name although not Price will continue on as his Legacy. If anything, we have his name and our memories, which are priceless and irreplaceable, but I yearn to know my family. 

I lost lots of pictures and mementos of My Daddy after Katrina, my Momo’s house was totally destroyed and she had my album and babybook. I reached out to his wife in attempt to get a basketball trophy, tie, our pictures, even the ugly quilt I made with my own hands. I sent the quilt and a picture mug of My sister and I on an elephant at Audubon Zoo with my Daddy standing on side of it as a Father’s Day present one year, it would have meant alot to at least have something I gifted him, or anything to pass on to my children. I have one faded pic of my Daddy and a short note he signed, Love always your one and only Daddy.” I wish I could have a color picture of my Daddy.  My sister and I were left with the casket awnings which had golf clubs on it. Not sure what symbolic purpose these ceramics golf club paper weights has to anyone else, but this was the keepsake of George Price departing his daughter’s lives, the corner pieces of a coffin…..

It would be wonderful if his widow is in a good place in life where, if she has a lil trinket or something of my Daddy’s that my son, grandsons and nephew can have, but most importantly I want them to develop a bond with his brothers, nephews and male friends. Well, you know everyone even the women, but the men stand out for me, because as I said my Daddy had girls, his namesake ended with us getting married, with the exception of my George Anthony, who is deserving of more than our version of who he was named after. 

As with lots of death, his wife and I became estranged immediately after he was pronounced dead at the hospital. The reasoning for our dissolution would cause distress, shame, embarrassment, heartache if my Daddy was alive. Even in death, who and what my Daddy was did not equate to how we were treated, it was disgraceful, distasteful, insensitive and unloving.  I’m finally breaking  my silent pain,  I know my Daddy loved me and my sister and it’s time that the world be reminded of that.  

 I came down from Minnesota days prior to Christmas, leaving my young children behind to be at his side in his last days. At that time, my money was tight after a huge shopping spree and I was newly divorced. I purchased a oneway ticket after hearing he had a short time to live and my Daddy told me he would get me back. I’m thinking he didn’t believe the report or did not understand being that the cancer spread to his brain, but my Daddy told me to come and he would take care of everything. There was nothing I needed to  question or worry about, so I came to be with My Daddy.

As I mentioned things got bad with his wife and myself, which left my sister and I with the task of figuring out how we would get back home after his funeral. I do not remember who, but a couple, husband and wife gifted my sister and I with 1st class airline tickets home a few days after the funeral after hearing his wife refused to help us. It would be a blessing to meet them in person and thank them once again. 

My Momo was still living and we stayed with her throughout our stay, but I thought we would stay with his wife at their house. Initially, we were having a nice time bonding in my Daddy’s hospital room, we talked like girlfriends, I actually enjoyed her company. I noticed a change a few days later. In planning the funeral she offered that my sister and I be involved in furneral arrangements, such as picking out the colors, his suit and etc, everything we suggested was shot down easily, with a sly sounding No, I disagree. We left towards the end, feeling more like unwanted stepkids and even not my Daddy’s girls, but behaved as he would expected even hiding our pain from her.

Prior to exiting the funeral home, we made arrangements for limo pick up and my family, my Daddy’s family and friends were  surprised to hear that we weren’t at my Daddy’s house, their house. She never extended the offer to stay with her, there was room, she was home alone. At this time, her daughter, my stepsister lived in her own home, but we where denied the chance to be in his home, to have comfort in his home, in his living space, it reminded me of my youth.  As each person continued to asked about our living arrangements, I continued to have flashbacks,  the pain of rejection bubbled over until  it felt like my heart exploded, eventually anger replaced the hurt and honestly it felt good to be mad.

 To add insult to my already injured heart and soul, she did not speak to us at the funeral , we did not walk in with her and her daughter. We where like nobodies at my own Daddy’s funeral, our tears and pain was even invisible to her. If it wasn’t for my Momo being with us, my sister and I would have rode alone in the 10 passenger limousine to his funeral, but at least we had the option to be brought back to my Momo house immediately.

 Most of my family left New Orleans and the few that were here drove themselves to the church thinking, we were with his wife and daughter. My Mama had to stay with our children. I’m so happy that My Mama and Daddy raised us to be there for each other, because if it wasn’t for us, we would have been alone. It was a horrible, sad feeling. We attempted to stay for the repass, but there was not a place for us to sit. 

We did not have an assigned seating as the immediate family does or maybe, our names were with my Daddy’s side. I think within the emotional moments, those who could have looked out for us, were hurting themselves. It was very crowded too, Im thinking the church staff may have not been aware that we where there with just two relatives of our own, we were from out of town, inside huge church full of ggrieving people we barely knew or knew at all. 

My aunt and uncle reached out to us the next day apologizing for not being able to attend to us, told me we weren’t forgotten and apologized for how we were treated by his wife. That helped some. 

I finally had the opportunity to express my feelings, my the heartbreaking pain of feeling like Cinderella before the ball. In essence I had been Cinderella and she the mean ole stepmother awaiting for my Daddy death to finally show her hate towards his child, who did her nothing except love my Daddy.

We had a fuss at my Aunts house when I asked about getting home and why we couldn’t stay at the house. I recall her saying the floor in the den was being worked on, but it wasn’t a  good enough reason why, well not for me anyway. Then she told me she wasn’t buying our tickets back to Minnesota and how she had to find out how My Daddy supplied me and my sister with gifts and financial assistance over the years. 

She threw in my face that My Daddy did not consult with her about the Home Depot account he gave me access to so that I can purchase appliances for my new home after my divorce or had knowledge about the money he sent us. Mind you I told her this information at the hospital, in my Daddy’s room while he lay there dying. I was sharing memories with her about my Daddy only to have her throw it in my face.. Then add that she was not buying us tickets, because of all he done for us, that angered me… 

“You and your sister need to figure out how y’all getting home, because Your Daddy did not leave anything for yall, he didn’t have no insurance for yall and now I have to find all these accounts for washing machines, items he brought for yall behind my back, pay his medical bills and etc” she said sarcastically. All I remember saying, well shouting as my sister calmly said “Dee forget about her, Daddy loved us” as she pulled me out of the kitchen and out of my aunts house as I shouted  ” My Daddy loved me! What you mean he didn’t leave anything for Us! My Daddy was a businessman, that don’t make no sense! I know he at least have a credit card open ro get us home to our children! My Daddy told me he would get us home! My Daddy said come! I took some of my kids Christmas toys back to be with My Daddy!” I felt as if I had to defend my Daddy’s love and honor toward for us. My Daddy wasn’t a deadbeat Dad, he wasn’t an absent father, my Daddy provided everything a Daddy suppose to supply to his children. What this lady was telling me did not make any sense.

To this day I do not understand why she treated us like so, having a stepson and dating men with children, I do not understand her anger at us… Even though we were older and had children, we were still his children, his daughters and her stepdaughters. I forgive her without the need of seeing or hearing from her over the years, but it would be nice to know why she treated us like that. If My Daddy did go behind her back, that had nothing to do with us.. Her actions made me a better stepmother and friend to the children who came into my life. 

There is the unresolved  matter of her trying trick us to sign our legal rights over to her after Katrina, regarding the house they shared. We were served by her attorney  in Minnesota in early 2007 stating that Road Home informed her to get our signatures to in order to rebuild. If I had not paid attention to the Life Lessons provided by my Mama, Daddy, Family members and college,  we could have been easily tricked into signing it. Statements such as relieving you of fines, penalties, upkeep and etc where heavily written and outlined in the notice. Her statements and treatment  prior to laying my Daddy to rest, made it super easy for us to say No, we declined to sign even to this day. I have drove to the empty lot, got out of the car, walked around and look at the nothing my Daddy left behind for us and I’m ok with it.

He gave and showed me nothing, but the best, My Daddy loved us and I feel his love in spirit today, always. He instilled the power of loving and taking pride in who we were while we were babies. Chocolate kinky headed Daddy’s Princesses is what we were, plus I was a  offical Daddy’s Girl. I thought I was Princess Tiana before Disney even thought of her. I say this, because any book that had a Princess in it, be it Snow White or Cinderella, my name was not just written in, but the whole book was remade, retype with my name “Deatra” I seriously thought I was Snow White when I was a little girl, especially being that I loved Candied Apples and my Daddy nicknamed me “Applehead.” His wife ended up being the evil witch with the poisonous apples she knew I would eat, because they were my favorite.

He kept my sister and I dressed with designer dresses and shoes, the works. As I look over pictures from my youth, I’m reminded of how much he loved us. One would think our Mama dressed us, but Nope my Daddy picked out our clothes, he combed our hair and cooked delicious fancy food for us, setting the table with China, crystal and candles, he treated us well. We dined at the best too. When it was just us, he would pop popcorn and force us to watch wrestling telling me it was fake as I covered my eyes. We went everywhere with him, even to big people places like the race track, golf course and business meetings, but most of our time was spent in the department stores.

He loved to shop and dressed in nothing but the best as well, we where always in Lords and Taylor’s. When we would go out he would clown around and act like a monkey or something causing us to laugh and beg him to stop embarrassing us.

Speaking of embarrassment. He loved antique cars, but I remember riding around in every type of car from old classics from big body SUVs. I used to be embarrassed to be seen in this old classic he named “Ghost”, I would sink back in the passenger seat, yes back then kids could ride in the front, I could have passed on the front seat when he pulled old “Ghost” out, but he also had this shiny black antique, which I didn’t mind, because the I saw Princess Diana or some Princess ride in that type of car. My Daddy taught me about car leasing at a young age to and how doing so kept you in new cars and the risk of breakdowns was rare. 

Back I to shopping. I was about 7 yrs old when a older white sales rep followed us around and attempted to question his ability to pay for the items he had us trying on, he told that lady “Miss, do you not see me in here shopping with my girls, how dare you insult me, get your manger and let him know George Price would like to speak to him.” Not sure what happened to the lady, but I didn’t know what commission was until later on in life, but she surely did not benefit from his purchase that day.

Years prior My Daddy would tell me he would call me back after his appointment, he had some health issues, so I wasn’t concerned. I recall him being out of town for these appointments as well, but he always told me it wasn’t a big deal just follow up with the best doctors. I get mad every now and then, knowing he had to know he had cancer. His health could not have plummet straight to stage 4 in a few weeks.  I was totally blindsided by the phone call telling me to get to Nola asap to say our goodbyes… 

I never would have thought that time span consisted of a week, but I made it and spent time with him, the staff at Oschner allowed me stay in the ICU after a nurse heard I was from Minnesota and wasn’t invited to his home. The nurses gave me a reclining chair, but there was No resting. I watched my bigger than life Daddy succumb to the disease. 

He fought hard, pulling tubes out, jumping out the bed, gained the mental capability to call for me after I ran into the bathroom crying, he left me with the words “Deatra, the sun will always shine, it will shine when its raining and it will shine when I’m gone.” He was right, it’s still shining and the pain is not as bad as it was, his wife’s  voice has gotten fainter, but this time of year gets hard for me and this year I finally found an outlet that may allow my wounds to heal.

Years prior to his death we had gotten closer, but years earlier I pulled away  prior to the birth of my daughter. I hid my pregnancy and her birth for over a year, my daughter was 18 months old by the time my Mama made me tell him. He continued to love and support me after he found out, although upset and disappointed , he was my Daddy and loved me unconditionally. 

I used the opportunity to break away from him when I noticed we weren’t allowed to spend the night at their new house, but the daughter’s friend’s could. I used to wonder if they thought we peed in the bed or something, I figured it had to be something we did wrong. The house was nice size, a very expensive two bedroom house with lots of land and a pool in the Lakefront area. Not sure why they couldn’t buy a house with an extra room for when we came over, like my husband I did for my stepson, but it was easy to blame her instead of him, especially after seeing the beautifully decorated bedroom of my step sister. Being a teen then and seeing how they were living and not having a personal space for us, was heartbreaking and it pushed me to boys. 

Mind you My Daddy did provide for us, paying our rent, bringing us shopping and etc, but that wasn’t a good look to me, how he was living with his new family.  He dated her for sometime, I remember her playing jacks with us, visiting her house and doing things with her and I liked her and her daughter, but after they got married things changed and I wasn’t gonna deal with, I found replacements so I thought. 

When he founded out he was a grandfather, he would come  pick us up and we did the usual, shopping. He told me he, felt something was wrong when I stopped going with them shopping and was always gone when he picked my sister up. I was so slick, I had my Daddy buy me a prom dress without me, well my sister was with and she assisted him, but yall know one has to try on an evening gown, but some kinda way I talk my way into having him pick it out and made up a teengirl heartbreaking story of the boy going with someone else. He was wanting pictures and that wasn’t gonna happen. What have someone else wear it and cut their face out the picture and put mines on their body with my dress?? Copy and paste wasn’t developed yet. lol. Dionne did a really good job keeping my secret, but looking back I feel bad for putting my little sister in an awkward position.

Soon after he was informed his granddaughter and spending time with us,  I started flapping my tongue to my Mama saying stuff like, ” My Daddy will let him live with him, I don’t have to live with you telling me what to do with my baby.” I found out that opening your legs, pushing a life from between those legs and having a baby didn’t give you the automatic title of being a grown adult.  With that my Mama called My Daddy to pick me and my baby up, where I found out I couldn’t stay after all my  smart mouth talk. We were able to stay in the den for a week I believe, he gave me a speech about me being his daughter and his responsibility for “Me” my daughter is his granddaughter and her Daddy is responsible for Her, he said he would help me find an apartment, but her Daddy will have to provide rent, food and etc for the baby and if he doesn’t, he will stop as well. He made it clear that it would be my apartment and that my daughter’s dad be held totally responsible for her, but would not be allowed to stay nights at my place. He made it known to my daughter’s dad as well and it worked out. 

My Daddy and his wife was always at work or at some social event, my daughter and I had a lot of one on one quite time in their beautiful home and neighborhood. I would take her to park like right in their backyard where we would swing more than play. One evening my Daddy came out to push the both of us, which made my day, made my world if only for that moment. 

 Afterwards, he made the most delicious stuffed whole fish for dinner. We also spent time sitting by the beautiful cobblestone brick lead enclosed pool or sat under this big tree in their yard.

 It was an emaculate house, the tile and flooring came from over seas, the walls were adorned with beautiful artwork and the kitchen was fit for the best chef in the world. No wonder why I loved nice things. 

One night he came home late and overheard them having an argument, mostly, personal marital issues and the rest my living arrangements. The next day I made up some reason to return home, but shortly afterwards I moved to Minnesota. Leaving him asking why I moved so far until his death. I  grew up a bit more, made him proud by attending nursing school and graduating. 

We got closer even with the distance between us and he shared personal information about his marriage and apologized to me. He told me about his life with my Mama and when he told me that, I figured his wife had issues with my Mama. He was paying our bills, my Mama bills..but geez my Mama never put my Daddy on child support. She allowed him to do right by us on his own.

He would always bring up how my 15yr old self caught the bus to his shop Elements of Style on Franklin Ave to tell him off, walk out his shop and slam his door. I went to confront him about not having space for us at his house and being heart broken about the death of his Mama, my Grandmother. He was shocked that I was so brave to challenge him and all he could offer up was “She is My Mama & I am hurting and that’s why your Mama told you, Deatra.” As I made my way back to the bus stop, he came out pretending to put out trash and stood on the sidewalk sweeping til my bus came. He avoided to answer the 1st question, well he said I didn’t give him enough time too. We were able to laugh about it when I got older, each time he spoke to me or when he saw me, he would reenact my performance. lol 

There’s no making up for lost time, but there was time to savor the moments after the time  lost. Honestly, the terrible teens, well mines were not a walk in the park, so we possibly avoided a severe estrangement, but I was truly blessed to restored our relationship prior to his death. No longer a little girl in age or size, I was able to get to know the real George Price, which is why I’m seeking those who knew him as well. I’m happy that we were able to reconnect as father and daughter, but more so we became friends. 

If it wasn’t for the kindness of my Daddy’s friends, we would had to walk back to Minnesota from New Orleans. It was a long plane ride to and from as it was, my sister had a melt down in the middle of the airport. She had to get the news of his death while she awaited her connecting flight in Chicago, hearing her cry over the phone caused me more grief, I remember screaming then passing out in the hospital hallway. I hope I can find them so they can know we made out ok and that my sister followed in his footsteps and is a teacher, ran a cosmetology college  and manages private salons.

We missed Christmas and New Years with our babies that year and year after that, I go through the Holiday Blues with thoughts of My Daddy dying during this time and the nasty treatment of a wife he choose, but I try to find the spirit for my kids. I held on to a conversation that I had with my Daddy months prior to his death. He told me he was taking us all to Disney World for Christmas, me, my sister and all his grandkids would spend Christmas in Disney World….We never made those plans, but I decided to follow though and make his plans for us happen. In a few days we all will be in Disney World and my Daddy will be with us in spirit. I feel like it’s a step towards healing, replacing the trauma surrounded by his death with a plan that he had no power over in canceling. 

Daddy we going to Disney!

Please please contact me if you knew my Daddy, George Albert Price. 

Here’s a letter my Daddy sent with some money to help me leave my abusive exhusband, as you read it, he states he loves me and that I can call upon he any time and for any reason and will love me no matter what. I saved the letter since receipt of it on April 5, 1999. This letter was one of his 1st he typed on his home computer.

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