New Orleans Urban Success Story: Reebok collaboration with Polo NOLA & Chase N. CASH

Did you get you a pair of Soldier’•Reebok Classics•Reebok NOLA’s?? I hv mines!! It was going down at footlocker this evening and tho my boy @polonolaphotography came while I was leaving out @theheir was a gracious host.

I must say I like this Chase N Cash cat, he is such a great guy. I can feel it in his spirit. He had not only us laughing but himself too! I actually had a nice time at Footlocker watching him interact with everyone. It was like Happy Hour with no liquor or food! It was actually fun! Plus, he made us feel like we were the celebrities!
Truly a gracious host, he engaged with all his fans and customers.

The Footlocker staff was great and the DJ did the thang!

This is not only a big deal for Reebok, Chase N Cash and Polo, but this is a Big Deal, A Legacy & History for Urban New Orleans & our NOLA Black Men 💯⚜👑 #fortheculture

It was a great #meetandgreet was a success in my eyes.

I received a very nasty horrible comment from a woman and this is what I told her and if by chance you feel the same way, I would prefer for you to not follow my blog as well. My life has no room for hate and New Orleans is a gumbo pot full of all races and that’s why you all come here…

“Ms this is very much culture. It may not be your New Orleans culture but its definitely a part of mines. It’s the whole reason behind the reason why Reebok selected two black men from New Orleans to represent their brand. You may not know what Reebok Soldiers are but they helped put courage in alot of New Orleanians feet as they trekked through the flooded streets of New Orleans after Katrina. This is a part of New Orleans culture and if you are saying so bcuz of race then that’s something you need to deal with and pls let me know bcuz you do not need to view my post. We can block each other.”

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