Crack Rock Cocaine, Street Capitalism, and the Decade of Greed By David Farber

Crack is an essential read for anyone hoping to understand why. This lively, well- researched history of America’s crack cocaine years introduces readers to entrepreneurial dealers, desperate users, and draconian drug policies. Along the way, it illuminates the era’s racism, political excesses, and media exaggerations, as well as the lasting damage crack and crack dealers wrought in countless neighborhoods of color.

My Nola Life: Onset of TNT Claws Season 3 and OWN Queen Sugar

My life in New Orleans is filled with days of soulful creativity! The jobs I have taken on since I moved back home are all connected in their various forms of freedom of speech, the use of writing and telling our stories. It’s as if I was written into all the scripts opportunities that have presented themselves upon my arrival. New Orleans is all that I knew she would be. In the midst of my pain, she helps me pin my sorrows of my soul, giving me an outlet of healing and freedom. The warmth of love here far better than vitamin D. You never know I may be on this path for my ultimate role as a movie writer ☺️!

colorisim whitewashing Princess Tiana Disney

Colorism and Princess Tiana

Fans all over the world questioned why Princess Tiana seemed to be the only princess to receive such a radical makeover after post went viral leading to animators to blame it on technology…but could we have helped them pick out the lighter shade of brown?
Is it because, she finally made it and now she needs to change, because she mingling with the rich and fabulous Disney Princesses in Hollywood, is what came to my mind??. As we all see with some black women celebrities they change after we fell in love with them for exactly who they are including what they look like.