My Ebony Princess and Black Panther’s Princess Shuri

As we all know the trailer for the Black Panther has been released and everyone can’t wait until next year to see the movie. At the Essence Festival 2017 my 7 yr old granddaughter, Ebony Princess and I met one of the actresses, Letitia Wright who will portray Princess Shuri in the movie.

Ebony stood in line alone for 5 minutes or so waiting to get her autography, while I stood about 6 feet away from her charging my phone, when a lady called out for me to inform me that the actress wanted to talk with me after Ebony introduced herself as “Ebony Princess.” When Ebony was 2 years old she named herself Ebony Princess and it stuck. Usually princess comes before the girls name, but for some reason Ebony made it her surname. She also had a thing for crowns, always wearing one, even as she slept.


Letitia informed Ebony about her role in the movie and told her that she was destined for greatness. Letitia told her “Ebony Princess stick with doing the best she can in her life and in 5 years she will be great and in 5 years after that she will be greater and the cycle will continue as she becomes the greatest vision of herself, to always believe in herself and how important spoken words and to keep being Ebony Princess.” I was in tears and now, to have someone speak to my granddaughter in that matter was a gift. I’m so thankful to Letitia aka Shuri !

We all believe that our children are special, but to have someone who hold status in the world to see what I see in Ebony Princess validated what I feel in my spirit. It’s not a greatness of wealth or fame that I see in her eyes, but something greater. Since she was born I knew she was a special soul and I know she is destined for greatness.



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