Fion Productions presents the Official VIP New Orleans Launch Celebration for the Black News Channel with J.C. Watts Jr and Women Empowerment Tribute to former Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club Queens

FION Productions of New Orleans and the Black New Channel (BNC), the nation’s only African American news network, will host an invitation-only Offical VIP Launch Launch Celebration on Thursday, July 4, 2019. BNC founder/chairman J. C. Watts, Jr. will address national, state and local leaders in New Orleans about the network’s national launch on November 15, 2019. The New Orleans BNC launch party will feature a women empowerment tribute to the former Queens of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club. The event will be hosted by New Orleans media personality Nyesha “Algiers Diamond” Wilson!

Black News Channel will launch on November 15, 2019 to an estimated 33 million cable TV and satellite households in the top African American TV markets including New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. BNC is an independent network that is minority owned and operated, and it will be the nation’s only provider of 24/7 cable news programming dedicated to covering the unique perspective of African American communities. The network’s visionary is J.C. Watts, Jr., former congressman from Oklahoma, celebrated athlete, and broadcast and cable news veteran. Black News Channel programming will illuminate truth about the unique challenges facing urban communities and help close the “image gap” that exists today between the negative black stereotypes perpetuated by mainstream media news and our enterprising African American communities. The network will provide an authentic, new voice that represents African Americans in mainstream media and fosters political, economic, and social discourse; the network will be one voice representing the many voices of African Americans.

“Our network will deliver intelligent programming that informs, educates, inspires and empowers our African American audience. African Americans have been asking for this kind of programming that will give them a voice in the national conversation about issues that matter,” says network Chairman J.C. Watts, Jr.

More information about the launch of Black News Channel can be found at

When it comes to content designed for an African American audience, few media outlets focus its efforts on fulfilling this mission since BET and TV One. Come November, ”Black News Channel” (BNC) will launch, providing its African-American audience with 24/7 news coverage.

Despite the proliferation of basic and premium cable television channels during the past two decades, the number of cable news networks dedicated to serving the nation’s African American communities remains at ZERO! Black News Channel will be the nation’s first channel to fill this significant void and provide African American viewers news, information, and educational content focused on their interests and needs while tapping into subscription television’s most profitable market.


BET used to be well-known for its black programming, with regularly scheduled reruns of some of our favorite black classics like Love Jones and Baby Boy, among others. In addition to favorite black films and shows like Donnie Simpson Show, Video Vibrations, Rap City, 106 n Park with AJ and Free, you can’t forget Jeff Johnson as the face of black news on BET. Black News Channel (BNC) will be a unique multi-platform news and information channel created for African Americans..


For some reason, TV One canned its news segment headed by Roland Martin, resulting in a significant gap between black viewers and news stories that focus primarily on its growing population and more diverse coverage of black communities nationwide.

Arguably, these events have led to the absence of television networks that focus on black programming entirely. Of course, due to the emergence of blogs and other online media platforms, the African American community is fed with daily news about important issues that matter, but there has been a void in black television news.

The mastermind behind this ambitious endeavor is chairman and visionary J.C. Watts, Jr. He’s a former GOP congressman whose previous efforts include J.C. Watts Companies, a multi-industry holding company headquartered in Washington, D.C.; and Watts Partners, which works with clients to implement business development, communications, government relations, and public affairs strategies. He’s also had a role as a corporate director for several major companies, including Dillard’s Department Stores, CSX Corporation and ITC Holdings.

In November BNC will launch to an estimated 33 million households—of which 23 million are satellite TV while the remaining 10 million are cable TV—in the top African American television markets, including New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.


To help bring more balance and diversity, here are some of the objectives BNC has laid out:

  • Build bridges to connect the many diverse cultures in our nation
  • Facilitate a more informed national conversation about challenges facing our urban communities
  • Engage black viewers in our nation’s social, economic and political discussions and debates
  • Create a platform for black news-makers and policymakers to reach their constituents.

Great news for aspiring journalists looking for career opportunities, as BNC is in the process of hiring!

For more information about the network, visit their website. Let’s see what’s in store for reviving black news.

Sources: The Root

Black News Channel


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