I am that NOLA Chic’k (Poem)

I am that Chic’k born and raised in New Orleans, but can be any Chic’k from any neighborhood in the world Chic’k.

I am that Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Mother, Friend, Wife, and Lover Chic’k.

I am that Desire Project Born, Uptown Chic’k, Project Chic’k, and Street Chic’k

I am that Nola Chic’k Who Made It Out Just In Time Chic’k.

I am that College Life Chic’k.

I am that Entrepreneur Hustling Chic’k.

I am that working 2-3 Jobs for my kids Chic’k.

I am that Made it to the Suburbs Chic’k.

I am that I can’t take it no more, why is this happening to me Depressed Chic’k.

I am that fighting to love the skin I am in Chic’k.

I am that Overcame Physical and Menatl Health Issues Chic’k.

I am that Bad & Bougie Chic’k

I know what it feels like to go on a run with ya Drug Dealer Boyfriend and Husband Chic’k.

I am that Visting an Inmate Chic’k.

And that Mama come get me outta this Jail Chic’k.

Yesss, you know That Chic’k…

I am that Chic’k who believed that love inside of brick houses and white picket fences Chic’k.

I am that dreaming of Princess Charming on a white horses Fairytale and Beautiful Nightmare believing Chic’k.

I that Chic’k who saw the signs felt the pain but keep on Believing Him Chic’k.

I am that Chic’k who worked hard and overcame adversity Chic’k.

I am that Suburb Chic’k who lives next door to the wealthiest of people, Chic’k.

The only Black Chic’k on the block with the biggest house on the hill Chic’k.

I am that Hit the Bottom Chic’k.

I am that deep down in a muddy dark pit and can’t see my way out Chic’k.

I am that leaning on God’s promises and plans for me Chic’k.

And will make it back to The Top Chic’k.

I am that Chic that didn’t pay attention but still felt the comfort and protection from the wings of womanhood Chic’k.

A loving, supportive, and kind  Missionary Worker Chic’k.

I am that “I get it from my Mama” who provided and taught me all about being a woman  Chic’k.

I am every Chic’k that was told she wouldn’t make it and did. I AM YOU and YOU are ME.

My life has been influenced by amazing women, most who did not look like me nor came from the same background and yet their soul mirroed ALL that I AM. I wouldn’t be All That I AM had they not gave a part of themselves to make me ALL that I AM. Our lives can be the greatest influences on the lives of others.

I am here to tell Our Story, but I need You to be a part of it too. So, If you see me know that I Am That Chic’k.

 Nola Chic ⚜💛🖤 💖👠👑💯



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