Thanksgiving Cooking & Girl Talk with NOLA Chic & DaTwist Mastr: New Orleans Stuffed Bell Peppers & The No’s of Potato Salad

I know some of yall Old School Cooks have your tables set🍽, pies and cakes 🥮🥧in the oven, seasonings chopped, turkey 🦃soaking in a brine or injected with some flavorful concoction and praying So-So doesn’t realize his “Lil Taste” in his/her cup has been watered down🥃😂🤣

Last year Jelahn and I went LIVE as I cooked a small meal for us and all of you seem to enjoy it so much I decided to share it again.

I wish those of you who have been trying to replicate my version of My Mama’s New Orleans Style Stuffed Bell Pepper luck this year. I think I was very fair in showing my lil secrets, but I can’t give my entire recipe, because I might enter some type of Stuffed Bell Pepper Contest in the near future…

As hard as it is be Thankful for your life and the trials and tribulations you endure; in my lil world I counting on all this pain to bring about something fabulous. NOLA Chic ⚜️



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