Happy Hour at Papa Legba

Papa Legba is a live jazz club in West Saint Paul, Minnesota. The club is owned by a married black couple and has become a popular destination for jazz enthusiasts in the area.

History of Papa Legba

Papa Legba was founded in 2015 by husband and wife team Marcus and Karen Johnson. Both Johnsons are jazz enthusiasts who saw a need for a live jazz club in the area. So they decided to start their own club, and after months of research and planning, Papa Legba was born.

The club is named after the Haitian Vodou spirit Legba, who is believed to be the gatekeeper between the physical and spiritual worlds. The Johnsons chose this name because they believe jazz music is a spiritual experience that can transport listeners to another realm.

The Unique Experience

Papa Legba is not just a place to hear jazz music. The full experience includes food, drinks, and a cozy atmosphere. In addition, the club is decorated with vintage jazz posters and instruments, giving patrons the feeling of being in a classic jazz club from the 1950s.

The food and drinks at Papa Legba are inspired by New Orleans cuisine, with dishes such as gumbo, jambalaya, and beignets on the menu. In addition, the bar serves craft cocktails and a wide selection of beer and wine.

But the main attraction at Papa Legba is, of course, the music. The club features live jazz performances every Friday and Saturday night, with local and national jazz musicians taking the stage. The club also hosts jazz jam sessions on Tuesday nights, where local musicians are invited to play with the house band.

Impact on the Jazz Scene

Papa Legba has become a popular destination for jazz enthusiasts in the area and has also impacted the jazz scene in Minnesota. The club has provided a platform for local jazz musicians to showcase their talents and has attracted national jazz acts to perform in the area.

In addition, the club has created a community of jazz lovers who gather weekly to listen to live music, share food and drinks, and connect with each other. The Johnsons have also created outreach programs to introduce jazz to young people in the area, ensuring that the rich tradition of jazz music will continue for generations to come.

Papa Legwa is a unique and vibrant jazz club that has become an essential part of the jazz scene in Minnesota. The club’s founders, Marcus and Karen Johnson, have created a unique experience that combines great music, food, and drinks in a cozy atmosphere. Their dedication to jazz music and building a community of jazz lovers have positively impacted the local music scene. In addition, it has introduced jazz to a new generation of listeners.


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