Growing Up In New Orleans- Latch Key Kids On The Bus

We were raised to appreciate the cultures that make New Orleans so eccentric and magical. When My Mama and Daddy was off they really made up for the time they spent away from us, especially My Mama. We frequented festivals, art museums, parks, fancy restaurants (I started eating raw oysters at 6yrs old) and random walks through the city. Even though we were raised Baptist, we visited churches of different denominations. Both my sister and I played the violin and other extracurricular activities. I was an honor roll student throughout high school. Yes, Growing Up in New Orleans as a Latch Key Kid in New Orleans riding on the Bus was was tough and scary at times, but knowing that I we were left alone for a greater purpose made it worth it.

St. Roch Community Youth SoapBox Collective hosted by Making Connections NOLA & Crescent Care Health

On Saturday evening, Mother’s Day Eve while most of you were out shopping for last minute Mother’s Day gifts for the phenomenal women in your lives; several of us from the St. Roch Community sat in a room in support of our talented youth and adults from our neighborhood. We came together in a low lit community room to listen and see the works of our youth entitled” Soapbox Collective,” you may know it by Open Mic for an evening of music, performances, and works of arts that engage the issues of our young people.