New Orleans Girl-Poem

In the the city of New Orleans, a black girl grows,
With a heart full of dreams, and a spirit that glows.

The streets are tough, and the nights are long,
But she finds solace, in the music and song.

From the jazz on the streets, to the gumbo to the crawfish boils,
Her culture is alive, in the midst of the storm.

And though she faces struggle, and hardship so deep,
Her spirit never wavers, and she never loses sleep.

At a young age, she became a mother too soon,
But her love for her child, kept her going through.

She embraced her roots, held them tight in her heart,
And through her struggles, her culture became a work of art.

She learned to cook, to dance, to sing,
And her culture became a salve for everything.

With every step she took, her spirit lifted high,
And she knew her culture was the answer, as to why.

As she grew older, with her child by her side,
She overcame poverty, with her culture as her guide.

Though her struggles remained, her love never fell apart. As The city gifted her opportunities for a renewed start.

And when she looked back, at the journey she’s been through,
She realized her culture, was the reason she made it through.

New Orleans culture became her lifeline, her guiding light,
In the midst of the chaos, she found the strength to fight.

And as time passed, and she grew older and wiser,
She remained proud of her roots, and a true New Orleans survivor.


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