Big Freddia dishes out Bouncing Beignets flavored Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

The Queen Diva “Big Freedia” has collaborated with ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s on the limited flavored ice cream, Big Freddia’s Bouncing Beignets! The new flavor was announced on Freddia’s Instagram page back in February when the queen diva originally posted a photo of Instagram with the cover of a point of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream featuring Freddia’s face and the words “Booty Bouncing Beignets” describing the proposed flavor as “chocolate ice with beignet bites.

Freddia performed At The Republic Nightclub on Saturday during Essence Festival where fans sampled the Big Freddia’s new flavor, Booty Bouncing Beignets. Freedia and Ben & Jerry’s representatives unveiled the unique flavor — vanilla ice cream with a bourbon caramel swirl topped with powdered sugar  — and let over a hundred attendees at a launch event at Republic NOLA sample a scoop, alongside a beignet finger. The event will include an exclusive first listen of new Big Freedia track, Chasing Rainbows. The Queen Diva herself will be there, speaking to the crowd and telling her story about her life in New Orleans. The three charities that 100% of the proceeds will be going to are Liberty’s Kitchen, No Kid Hungry LA, and Upturn Arts. No Kid Hungry, a non-profit organization whose goal is to feed underserved children in New Orleans.

The event was hosted by Freedia, who mentioned that several months ago, her publicist contacted Ben & Jerry ice cream representatives about an ice cream collaboration.

“The answer was, no, right away,” Freedia said.

But the Queen Diva didn’t let the news discourage her, determined to see her creamy sweet deliciousness find its way to her tongue Freddia posted the mockup design on social media to get the support of her loyal fans and the attention of Ben & Jerry representatives. And their creativity paid off; everyone joined in to share and tag Ben & Jerry’s. [Ben & Jerry’s Social Equity Manager L. Simone Washington] saw it blow up on social media, and said ”We’ve got to make this happen. This has been crazy.’”

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has produced Big Freedia’s Bouncing Beignets; vanilla ice cream with a bourbon caramel swirl isn’t available in grocery stores as of yet. I’m hoping it will be if only as a special edition because it sounds delish. The one unappetizing issue for me is, I love hot fluffy beignets with crisp, crunchy corners. If I do not eat my beignets within minutes of getting them, I feed them to the birds and dump the cup of sugar in a ziplock bag. Yesss, I’m a Foodie Foodie, my food has to be right, but I’m thinking Ben & Jerry in the kitchen trying to master just that. And once it’s perfected, we will be able to bounce our way to the grocery store.

This news brings joy to my heart and shows the world that New Orleans musicians are professionals who are always thinking of new ways to create a legacy. Let’s not forget that the Queen Diva uses the power of social media influence to prove to the reps at Ben & Jerry’s not only is there a market for this Freddia’s flavor, but there are people who are willing to buy. Fredia’s followers are licking their lips and clicking to share the news about the new ice cream flavor created by the Queen Diva! Freddia served up a mocked bounce class to the Ben & Jerry’s reps, and it there was no booty bouncing twerking that day. But Freddia brain popped out an excellent idea and fed their minds some New Orleans inspired flavored deliciousness.

Big Freddia’s collaboration with Ben & Jerry is not great, but an inspiring story as well. Let’s congratulate Freddia on scooping out such a tasty idea, and I hope you secure the deal! She thinks the same I heard, according to Freedia, there’s a lesson to come out of this story.

In life journeys, when somebody turns you down or knock you down, you don’t never give up because you never know what might happen. You never know,” she said. “I never got ugly. I never said, ‘Oh, I’m not going to buy Ben & Jerry.’ I never said none of that. You just let things happen. And in the midst of me just waking up one day and putting it on Instagram, look what happened.”

Freedia also gave fans an exclusive listen of her new track with pop singer Kesha called “Chasing Rainbows” which will be on her first single on her next album.

This song is about being a kid and going through the things that I went through and chasing my dreams, and it’s about everybody city full of Big Freddia’s who are being able to chase their dreams, no matter who you are,” Freedia said. “No matter what race, no what matter what your gender, no matter who you choose to love, you have to chase your dreams — and this is about me still on my journey to chasing my dreams.”

Sources: Gambit, Twitter Ben & Jerry, Big Freddia

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