NOLA Chic represents every Chic

Hi,my name is Dee Hollins, if you don’t mind, but I need to brag on myself, not so much on me, but God! Let me brag on God in describing who I am. I was recently named one of New Orleans’s Top Bloggers!!! Being that I am one of few black female bloggers to be recognized as a blogger is a huge deal. I’m hoping that I see many more of my Sista’s names in that number!

I love my city, my culture and my community! I’m excited about our future! I’m hopful that New Orleanians will finally get the credit we deserve! We have to have a lil something different about us that ya just can’t your finger on. It’s so hard to describe what is, because we have a whole lot of everything that makes us so unique. If you ask someone why they love New Orleans, you will always get that “Je ne sais quoi ” response, because they just can’t put their finger on exactly what that “It” is.

NOLA Chic blogs not only to share about the happenings in New Orleans, but also about me, my past, present and future, my NOLA Life. Everything from before I left New Orleans in the early 90’s at the age of 18yrs old and now. I moved back home in 2015 and life couldn’t be greater.

New Orleans has welcomed me back home with open arms and I’m enjoying the loving embrace of my NOLA Family!



I represent every Nola Chic born & raised in Nola. Desire Project Born, Uptown Chic, Project Chic, Street Chic, Teen Mom Chic who left New Orleans in the early 90s to avoid the grave or prison cell, I am that Nola Chic Who Made It Out Just In Time. I was College Life Chic, Working 2-3 Jobs for my kids Chic, Made it to the Suburbs Chic, Overcame Health Issues Chic, Entrepreneur Hustling Chic, Bad & Bougie Chic there’s not one woman I can not relate to. I’m all of you, I’m a Nola Chic.





I know what it feels like go on a run with ya Drug Dealer Boyfriend/ Husband Chic. I was that Visiting Prisoner Chic and that Mama come get me outta this Jail Chic.. I’m that Chic who married because I believed in Fairytales and that Chic who quickly learned its all a Tall Tale, let’s just say a Lie, but keep on Believing Him Chic. I’m that Chic who worked hard and overcame adversity Chic. I’m that Suburb Chic who live in among the wealthy white people, the only BLACK Chic on the block with the biggest house that sat on the hill kind Chic.



I know what it’s like to have abundance and live in lack the next day. I’m that Hit the Bottom Chic and will make it back to The Top Chic. I am the product of all the women who have been apart of my world, regardless of their social economical or educational status.


I’m that Chic that paid attention, got pulled under Her Wing of another Chic. From my God fearing Grandmother, who taught me to lean on God’s promises for me, to be loving, supportive and kind to people Missionary Worker Chic. I’m that Chic whose Mama showed her that after ya Big Time Daddy gone, I’m gonna show you how Mama’s take care of theirs, providing and teaching about being a woman and loving the skin I’m in kind Chic.


I’m that Chic who had influences from the women some label Crackheads to Bougie Chic’s, they all instilled in me nuggets of themselves that made me whole. So, when you come across me trying to figure me out, just know I am that Chic you look in the mirror at.

I’m every Chic that was told she wouldn’t make it & did and still climbing to the top. I know what the walk of life that we go through looks and feels like. One minute you up and the next you are down, but we never give up and we keep on pushing thru this life of ours, praying knowing the best is yet to come. I’m here to tell Our Story, but I need You to be a part of it too.



So, If you see me know that I Am That Chic, Im cool & understand how you feel Chic.



👑 Nola Chic







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