Part 2: New Orleans Mayor to FIRE Sewage and Water Board Top Reps


Our mayor has to move fast…he was on vacation this past weekend when it flooded..  Can you spell or smell GUILT…?


This seriously makes me wonder how can lil ole me have such a strong love for my city having nothing but pure passion and the strenght that God gives me to assist in making a change here, when there are others in power  sit by and watch New Orleans drown. Its not fair… Do they think about the lives they put at risk to die.


Water as much as it is essential to our livelihood can cause death. We can’t have to little or too much off it. Just as with watering a plant, too much can kill it just as well underwatering it… Any act of nature like a flood, stops everything in its path, everything shuts down and all you can do is wait for it to go down or for help. We learned from Katrina waiting for help can mean death, physical and mental illness, fear, violence, shelter overcrowding and the list goes on…

The soul and the heart of New Orleans will go against the greed of those who not only take advantage of Her, but they don’t care about New Orleans.

I dont know maybe the rich want us to die here for coming back home… Want us to not miss and love our home town. You constantly read and hear natives say ” I know what it means to miss New Orleans.” We really do and our hearts cry for Her to at least be a shell of what New Orleans meant to us.

New Orleans, she is hurting, crying and begging to be restore. She wants to hold her head up and be proud again, to give those who travel to Her to feel her heart and soul. She wants to love and be loved…

Maybe if we would have stayed where they shipped us the city would be repaired correctly so that they can have full run of it, but that’s just it, the Natives, Locals, The People of New Orleans make New Orleans!

As you noticed once again the major areas to flood are in urban poor areas, but this time they messed up and didn’t protect Canal St!! They have to move fast now after the wealthy tourist where wading in trash infested waters with the rest of us. I’m pretty sure hotels had to comp rooms, resturants loss money and the list of tourist money drowned in a preventable flood. That’s their bread and butter. They will not risk any zeros dropping from their bank accounts or stocks plummeting by any means.

The people at the top only see New Orleans as a way to make more money to fatten their already fat wallets. Like duh, the minimum wage is still $7.50 in a million dollar+ city…

I must add that I do not think that Sewage and Water Board Representatives are the only ones responsible for the flooding. There’s a bigger piece missing to this puzzle and once its all put together dont be shocked to hear how our lives are being put in danager by those in position to protect us. What the federal, state and city reps are doing us is no short of someone walking down Bourbon St, attacking, robbing  and murdering innocent lives. The only thing is politician don’t use weapons such as guns and knives, they just use funds allocated to make repairs, assist the people and etc. They sit in the life of luxury, till events such as this…

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