New Orleans woman, given 5 years to live, helps kids with heart defects live their ‘dream for a day’

Poetry In Motion Kare Bears will be hosting a basketball game in the month of August that will change the lives of the youth forever.
Tosha Naquin, founder of Poetry In Motion Kare Bears Incorporated, says her organization attempts to make a difference in a young person’s life who may not have the best options in life available to them. On August 19th, the city of New Orleans is soon to experience the true meaning of paying it forward as Poetry In Motion Kare Bears Incorporated presents the first annual #BALLINFALIFE Congenital Heart Defect Basketball Awareness Fight set to take place at the New Orleans UNO Human Resource Center.
“The purpose for the event is to raise awareness for different illnesses for children,” said Naquin. The mission for the organization carries two components: to help a child smile by going into hospitals and giving out stuffed animals, as well as Dream For A Day, where the organization helps to make a child’s dream come true for a day.
Tasha was inspired to coordinate these events from personal experiences that are very dear to her heart. ” I started the organization because I understand what it means to be chronically ill.” Naquin says she was born chronically ill and over the years she has developed more chronic illnesses. “I know what it is like to be a child in and out of the hospital and that is a scary place to be,” she explains.


She remembers during a visit in the hospital as a child when she saw a woman give a baby doll to her daughter whom was also ill. The woman caught drift of her re-attraction to the doll and it inspired the woman to also bring her a stuffed teddy bear. Seeing her daughter encouraged has always stuck with her and she always made it part of her mission for children when she began her foundation in 2011.Tasha-Photo-2
This particular basketball charity event is to raise awareness for children diagnosed with congenital heart defects. Statistics show that congenital heart defects is the number one birth defect in the United States and it kills thousands of children each year, more than any form of childhood cancer combined.
For this event, two teams, Team Heart and Team Soul will play in a friendly competitive game of basketball to bring awareness and promote the betterment of the health of these young children. Set to be among the team players at #BALLINFALIFE, whose sponsors include, iHeartRadio, Walt Disney World, The American Heart Association, Tillmac’s Corner Radio , Pepperoni Rays, BLI Photography Studios, 411 Massage and Fitness, Poetic Situations, LLC, 100 BLK, and Silk Sations, LLC, is Jarrius “Lil’ JJ”Robertson, the recent recipient of the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the 2017 ESPY Awards! He, alongside his father, will be in attendance at the event that is soon to inspire the lives of many.
Each day Tasha continues to push beyond her limits. After being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that causes excessive pain, a brain disease, and multiple sclerosis, both of which doctors say are progressing and have given her five years to live, Tasha still gets up everyday with eagerness and will in her heart to live out her mission to help a child smile. “I want to do as much as I can through my organization. We are dedicated to help these children smile through their pain and help them forget about what they are going through,” she explains.
For more information on how to raise awareness and to serve the community alongside Tasha Naquin, or to get ticket prices/register for the upcoming event please visit

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