Born and raised in the 7th Ward of New Orleans, Kishonda Webb  turned tragedy into a creative mastery. After the sudden loss of her young husband, Kishonda tried several forms of therapy, be it attending therapy, support groups or enjoying the full benefits of living 24/7 in party central capital of the world, New Orleans .



One day while out shopping, she found herself in Michael’s Craft Store purchasing paint brushes, paint and blank canvases that were needed for the art class there  that she enrolled in out of the blue. On the 1st day of class she gave birth to a creative artist, who was on her way to healing, peace and the desire to love and live again.FB_IMG_1503523929368

Kishonda creates out of love, money has no factor at all. She frequently gifts her authentic art, dazzling jewelry and creative crafts and paintings via monthly giveaways on Facebook. You may find her works of art displayed in random areas of the 7th Ward of New Orleans, adorned on her fans and on the walls of her home and locals. She also participates in local art events and fairs throughout the city when she has time to spare from work and being a new mother. FB_IMG_1503511531355FB_IMG_1503511424721FB_IMG_1503511327556

Kishonda’s works of art embodies what it truly means to be and love New Orleans. Her creative process allows her to share her story on love, loss, healing and starting over again through a nontraditional form of therapy. FB_IMG_1503523782823FB_IMG_1503510610846FB_IMG_1503523838823

Like New Orleans, Kishonda is a life full of color, bright, deep, beautiful, creative, fun and unique. Both screaming that out from the ashes we will rise again and be better.

If you are interested in any of Kishonda Webb creations or would like to support her by a simple like on social media you may contact her @504-234-1797





9 thoughts on “New Orleans Artist: Kishonda Webb

    1. Thank you! Also thank you for your advice!
      I’m wondering if you can help me with the settings on here?? Pls. Im not computer/tech savy at the lest… I hv been writing a variety of stories and I tried to make a menu so it can be easier to go to and categorize, but its not working nor can I add to the one I did create labeled “Nola Raw Artist” I hv several family members that are really talented and I wanted to share bout them.

      Im thinking as a whole it will help me write my memoir as you suggested.


      1. Hi! I’m not so computer wavy either. I have gone to the web and ask how to do several things and usually get the help I need. Look for the ones that have a video. I don’t understand all the tech words so I get confused and frustrated. Just search the “how to create a menu on WordPress” and see if you can find it there. Let me know if you find one so I can check it out too. 😄


  1. I found a couple of places that make it look pretty simple. My email is Sent me a quick short note and I can forward them to you. When I get home from church tomorrow I’m gonna try this myself. We may be able to help each other out with these things. I’m proud of you wanting to write your stories and post them. You’ll have as many followers one day too! People love life stories 😀


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