The Unknown Mystery: A Poem

What is it about the unknown that we can not know? Why is it that some things must remain a mystery, things we cant know or see?


We live in a world where the dinosaurs roam, but how sure are we that it’s their bones. 

We know that there’s life deep in the sea, but exactly what is a mystery. 

There’s planets and stars in the sky, that we can visually see, but a trip there can never be. 

All we have is our minds that create a vision of the unseen, left to dream up all sort of alien things. 

We have no clue once we take our last breath, what will happen next. What we know is each of our destinies is a lonely death. 

Leaving our loved ones with a daunting task to lay our bodies to a final rest. An unfair and heart breaking task. 
 Why is it that we can not see the face and hear the voice of God who love us so? Just a word from Him and only him can serve as confirmation that we should not fear the unknown

 It would comfort our souls, make it easier to let go, but we are left with the Mystery of the Unknown.


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