What would you do for a Hubig’s Pie


I can feel the texture of the flaky sugary crusted pie crust break off onto my tongue, then that delicious sweet filling gushing onto it, ooooh the textures and flavors, my palate is going off sending signals of delicious delight to my brain and I have no where to go buy a damn Hubig Pie!!!

I’m on the verge of eating my screen looking at these pictures! Why hasn’t some genius invented the Jetson cartoon like technology, because how is that a picture of this pie looks so real. I should be able to touch and taste it for how much I paid for the damn phone. The nerve of y’all, it’s like 2017, I should not only be able to eat my phone, but have it cook me dinner as well…Catch up and while you’re at that help them out with opening the Hubig’s Pie Bakery.. Like OMG!

I need a Hubig Pie, one lil corner piece will do. I’ll even eat the kind I don’t like!

An Apple or Pineapple Hubig’s Pie would be one of the best gifts I could get right now.

I know y’all NOLA Natives under stand my craving, my desires, my pain just for a lil corner piece of a Hubig’s Pie…..

Why are y’all taking so long to open up a building? It’s not like the title didn’t come with the recipe? I really hope the old owners aren’t being greedy and not giving up the recipe?? I’m pretty sure it was sold for millions of dollars.. These wealthy businessmen better not be sacrificing the history and taste of New Orleans cuisine over a few dollars…? I believe that’s the only plausible reason to not have a business open, it’s not like they will have trouble finding workers….
I’ll work part-time for the with the company for some pies…. What would you do for Hubig’s Pie?

Please bring back the pies….

Y’all feel free to read the article below written on Nola.com and Wikipedia, neither one mentions or have any knowledge as to when Hubig’s Pie will reopen. I thought it was best to share the history with those who can’t under stand why it’s hard for me to write about Hubig’s Pies myself, because all you will get from me is, ” I want a Hubig’s Pie!”





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