You can get with this or you can get with that! The Copy Cat’s Sephora and Moschino or Supa’s orginal The Crayon Case? I Choose to not shop at Sephora.

It never fails, they watch, wait and take from the poor creative geniuses of New Orleans, actually all over the world and find a loophole we couldn’t see in the beginning because of our poor financial status.

It seems like the only way to get a piece of the pie is to take it and hoard it. The wealthy steal from the poor to get what? Wealthier??

I love the saying “ghetto until proven fashionable.” I’m not sure who coined the phrase, but it’s realized time and time again within the fashion and beauty industry. The latest example is Moschino and Sephora’s new makeup collection which is a direct snub to Raynell “Supa Cent” Steward’s beauty brand, The Crayon Case.

I sadly report that the mega-million dollars Sephora has a partner with Moschino to create a makeup line that New Orleans own Raynell Steward created and launched in 2017 entitled “The Crayon Case.” After years of working as a waitress and housekeeper in the New Orleans tourism industry. She took a leap of faith and created her own New Orleans inspired makeup line featuring a wide variety of colorful hues of all things makeup that will have your face beat to the gawds. The names alone will have your mouth craving for the taste of New Orleans.

There’s no denying the Copy Cat Sephora, and Moschino line cannot compete with The Crayon Case, but I’m sure Sephora will find a way to take Supa’s customers by offering it a lower price. Don’t fall for it ladies!

Supa wrote on Instagram:
Today I woke up extremely disappointed and to a full inbox of people who knew my work and saw yesterday’s Moschino collection. I understand we are in an industry that carries inspiration from each other and as it is said, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. But it is disheartening to see, after having a meeting with someone from Moschino in New York in November last year. Showing this person absolutely ALL My work and My original sketchbooks and ideas. Seeing the Moschino show yesterday makes me so sad, and I feel so hurt that someone has, the way it looks to me, unquestionably used my SS16 and SS17 collections as inspiration without granting me any credit. As a young designer one is so vulnerable and they probably think that this would go unnoticed. I will make sure it doesn’t. Have a look at the pictures from their show yesterday and make up your minds!! @moschino @diet_prada”

Those close to her know her as Raynell Steward, but her loyal followers and fans know her as Wuzzam Supa aka Supa Cent a popular social media personality, successful New Orleans entrepreneur, Community Advocate, and now she has added several zeros to her legacy! Supa is proof positive that New Orleans can birth greatness; women can create million dollar businesses and be loving, dedicated, involved mothers and wives.

The beauty industry is worth 500+ billion dollars, and it’s because of women, black women. African American women outspend on everything from water to cookware; our beauty buying habits continue to top the charts. We spend nearly nine times more than our non-Black counterparts on ethnic hair and beauty products. A new Nielsen Report Puts Black Buying Power at $1.2 Trillion, and the pot is growing fast!

We have power at least in the spending dollar, and we must show these businesses that refuse to let us make the pie that we buy from them faithfully. We know how to make our pie, and it tastes better, therefore; we can refuse to buy from them and buy from one another. We get manipulated with pricing, and I get it we all love to spend but most importantly save, but we have to be aware. Small businesses charge more because their products are created in small batches with great ingredients and materials and more than likely the owner will give you personal service. The mega business, Copy Cats, generic brands produce products in large batches in a plant where the government allows so much rodent and insect droppings to be mixed with the products we go run to buy. There’s no personal service outside you going to customer service. We think we are saving, but that same product you paid $25 for cost the company a $1.00 to make…

This was Supa’s first building in New Orleans East

Supa has proven her love and commitment to her staff and customers here in New Orleans, and I believe we at least owe it to her to show Sephora stores here in New Orleans that we do not play when it comes to backing Ours! Yes, I’m speaking of striking the Sephora stores and let’s start in New Orleans!

The Crayon Case can stock the shelves of Sephora across the world. Supa purchased a warehouse to do the business of this magnitude. So, why Sephora reps refused to at least pick up the phone to at inquiring about her product??

Sephora chooses not to do business with, and we as her loyal fans should CHOOSE NOT to do business with them. I’m not asking for a boycott/strike because of race, but the total disregard for the small businesswoman. Moschino has millions, works with Sephora and other big businesses and you mean to tell me Moschino couldn’t pass up the opportunity and inform Sephora of Supa’s line?

There’s no logical reason why Sephora could not do business with Supa and launch the Crayon Case, but I would like to know why. Until then I think it’s fair to show them we mean business by decreasing their sales, if only in New Orleans.

I ask that the women of New Orleans shop for their makeup elsewhere! Let’s show Sephora how much our dollars count.

We CHOOSE to stand by Supa’s The Crayon Case!

Check out The Crayon Case’s online store:

I have yet to meet Raynell, but I am a loyal fan and proud Nola Sista who is outraged. I’m mad! My views are mines alone, and I have no connection with Supa or The Crayon Box in any entity. I know the feeling of losing your business to more substantial companies, for small business owners this is your dream, your baby and here comes Mr. Bigshot to take it away. I owned a business and was forced out when the city decided on the light rail and another mega sports arena, and there was nothing we could do. That’s the sad part, there’s nothing we can do, but that has to stop. We are the victims of not having enough, not being in compliance, not having the proper registration and the next thing we look up and see exactly what Supa saw in her social media feed, a Copy Cat Thief.

We have to take a stand; we must stand up for our hard work, passion, and sacrifice, educate, equip and protect ourselves from The Mega Millionaire Copy Cat businesses.

April 24, 2019

The Nola Chic calls for a Strike-Boycott of Sephora’s, starting with the New Orleans store in support of my Nola Sister and Nola Entrepreneur Raynell “Supa” Steward’s make up line The Crayon Case.

Dee Hollins

Although in line with the house codes, the collection bears a suspicious resemblance to @thecrayoncase. Launched in 2017 by entrepreneur @supa_cent, much of the line is school-supplies themed, with restocks of the Crayola-inspired palettes and pencil makeup brushes selling out on the regular. Is it possible that Moschino’s SS19 marker collection birthed the inspiration for this collaboration? Maybe, but it’s hard to fathom with so much e.”

Photo credit Instagram


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