RIP to Nola Legend 5th Ward Weebie | B97 FM

Our prayers are with the friends and family of Nola hip hop and bounce legend, 5th Ward Weebie, Jerome Cosey. Earlier this week, friends and family were asking for prayers for the rapper online, saying he was in serious condition in the hospital.

It is reported that Weebie had a history of high blood pressure and was reportedly taken to the hospital after one of his arteries ruptured. That is when he underwent surgery, where he began having complications with his other organs that resulted in his passing.


It breaks my heart to hear that yet another New Orleans man of my generation has suddenly passed away as the result of a health condition. Most of us are walking around with high blood pressure diabetes and several Manageable Health Conditions that plague the African American community more so in New Orleans, especially after Hurricane Katrina several New Orleanians go undiagnosed suffering with PTSD and other mental health issues due to the lack and poor access to medical care. We need to go back to the way of the old and Be a Village, a Neighborhood of Extended Family Members.

We need to check on our Brothers as well as our Sisters and ourselves! New Orleans has changed so much, and we are losing the tradition of checking on each other regardless of what is going on. I saw a post floating around ”that friend may not be doing as well as you think” It’s time to go back to be Nosey and in Ya loved one’s business because you care not for drama! Check on Me! 🙌🏾💞🖤💛⚜️🥰

Reports tell us that he passed away today, January 9, 2020, while in the hospital. 
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