New Orleans Voodoo

Do you believe in this thing called “New Orleans Voodoo” actually Voodoo, became New Orleans is only known for the practice because of #MarieLaveau. Basically, Social Media Influencing before our time. It’s amazing how one can influence the masses…It’s all politics, who can get the people to believe in them (the official) and what they can do for them (the people).


My Auntie Lo brought this #NewOrleansVoodoo apron in St. Paul, MN. If you know her then you understand why I love New Orleans. You will think you’re in New Orleans when you step into her home. New Orleans everything; from food to household products. Today she had #Gumbo , #stuffedbellpeppers and a big Magnalite red bean pot the on the stove. Yessss, She loves #NOLA


But the wording reminded me of the times I have been asked if I do Voodoo or knew of anyone who did. Years ago the answer would have been NO laced with major attitude, but now I not only know people who practice Voodoo and many other religions we grown upon. I’m happy I took the time to seek understanding and knowledge instead of living ignorantly. I found it’s so easy to knock, seek and ask rather than engage in hateful gossip.



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