Ease On Down The Road in 2022

My niece Jamiah aka MooMoo, aka Jamocha Shake, is on my mind with her sweet self. She is the next WIZ Star! She had the whole cd on repeat, knew every song, the dance steps, and everything. I can’t even believe what song it was, but she said, “Auntie Dee, this kinda a bad girl song and dance,” but continued to stick out her foot & hip and give me Life!!

Her doing all this reminded me of my kindergarten graduation at Molten in the Desire Project; it was the Wiz theme (Diana Ross as Dorothy). It was as if the auditorium was brought to life with all things “The Wiz,” the Yellow Brick Road, Rainbows, the Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man, Dorothy, Toto, and all the magic of the movie! 

It has to be one of my best memories, and I can remember it as if I had just walked down the golden brick paper. Looking back, it made me feel so special and filled my little girl’s heart & mind with dreams so big that I continue to believe they will come true.

Today, I continue to smile at the memory of my Mama and Daddy as they sat center stage looking on at the product of their love. It’s actually my last memory of us being the picture-perfect family rooted in love and hope in our great Oz.

We all were dressed to the nine’s. My Daddy had on a suit with dress shoes with tassels, my Mama had on a silk wrap dress with a split that showed her legs with a silk wrap draped over one shoulder, and her hair was in a neat short Afro.

I can remember the day my Daddy and I went shopping on Canal Street for my graduation dress. I wore a light blue lacy poofy dress with an itchy collar about my neck, NOLA Girl big lace socks, and black Patton letter shoes, all from Krauss.

I felt as if I was Dorothy as I eased on down the yellow brick road full of confidence with big dreams as Mrs.B embraced as I accepted my very first life achievement at Molten Elementary in New Orleans. I was named class valedictorian, yes, in kindergarten. I was given a gold trophy and certificate as my Mama, Daddy, little sister, and others applauded while I sang my little kindergarten tail off.

As I eased on out of kindergarten, my path down the golden brick road turned into a tracked-up dull yellow road. The tunes of life faded out the magical lyrics that filled me with dreams of hope and purpose. I continued to go through life as if the song was not playing at all. The heartache of the blues and soul-wrecking rock and roll were on a loud constant loop.

As in The Wiz, it took a storm to restore my faith and purpose. Faded and low, the lyrics of my youth still played within my heart, preparing me for what may not be an easy road, but one that is full of life lessons with a cast of characters that will assist me with my life’s purpose.

I’m long from being the cheerful, naive little girl I was in kindergarten. A part of her desperately tries to shine through years of life’s darkness. I can feel the grown-up in me calling for her to visit this world, especially with the state it’s in and my emotional, physical, and emotional health. I must find a way to embrace and enjoy the road I am on before succumbing to an inescapable fate. So no matter the second, the hour, the day, or the year I’m going to Ease on Down the road, but this time around, I’m going to make sure and “Carry nothing that might be a load!!!

May you all have a healthy, blessed, and prosperous New Year!!!

Source and photo credit: The Wiz

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