FREE Baby Artsplay!™ at New Orleans Jazz Museum

Young Audiences of Louisiana Baby Artsplay!™ Presented by The Helis Foundation is the perfect opportunity for caregivers to integrate purposeful activities into their child’s playtime that support their cognitive, physical, and social development. Research shows, and parents confirm, that multi-sensory approaches to learning help young children create deeper, more meaningful connections with the world around them. Baby Artsplay!™ will engage children and their caregivers in joyful and easy to replicate multisensory experiences that help children reach developmental milestones, while immersed in New Orleans’ art and cultural institutions.
Please note, registration will open two weeks before the workshop date.

Remembering my baby girl, My’Tae Antionette. Shame and embarrassment silenced me from saying her name.

This will be my first time speaking of this ever in life, and as I share, I hope I can free myself from twenty-eight years of guilt and pain. I have asked God and My’Tae for forgiveness, and some years ago, I had the same dream about being pregnant, giving birth, and burying my baby over and over again. A voice told me I was too young to know what was going on with my body, nor did I have a clue about sex, and that I had been forgiven at the very moment I was going through it. It helped some, but still…