Grief of Loss: My Momo

Let me say this about grief.  My grandmother died on April 14, 2017; I think. Dementia, stokes while escaping Katrina and heartache killed her some years ago. I marveled on  how well I handled the grief.  After all, she was almost 85, loved the Lord, lived well and had a held out as long as she could to that shell of her body.  Intellectually I understood the inevitability of the end of life and seemed to handle it well. I did not attend her funeral, simply for reason being I did not want my last memory to be of her in a box, simply a void of what once was. I thought I had came to terms with losing her, I felt grief and all the emotions of it while she was here detoriating away.. But little did I know that grief had etched itself in my veins, arteries, deep in my bones and broke my body from the inside out.

3 thoughts on “Grief of Loss: My Momo

  1. So sorry for your loss. It’s hard to lose someone so dearly loved. I miss my parents and the son I lost so much! But the legacy my folks left carries forward to my descendants. Such love that they created is to be passed on. I know you will do the same!

    1. Thank you and I’m sorry for your loss as well. I lost my brother 6 months after he left New Orleans/Hurricane Katrina.. he survived the streets of New Orleans only to go to Minnesota and get shot over a parking spot… Im doing a whole lot better now but my stepmom is stuck grieving. Its hard..

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