10 Signs You Know You’re Dealing with Someone From New Orleans…

You know us lol ❤️


Because I’ve been sitting here since 2pm waiting on my mom, and every time she calls she keeps telling me “I’m on my way… I’m down the street in Jefferson” I thought of a few sensibilities that truly make we New Orleanians uniquely ourselves, and just so New Orleans…

1. When someone tells you “I’m around da corner,” they really mean I’m on the opposite side of the city, but I’m headed your way sometime in the near future.

2. When you’re waiting on someone and they say, “I’m down the street,” what they really mean is that they actually haven’t left their house yet, and most likely haven’t even gotten dressed.

3. When you ask someone for a ride and they say, “Man, I got to go all the way out to the East,” what they really mean is no, find you’re own damn way home.

4. When you…

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