Light Skin, Dark Skin and the things in between 

Today I read a post on Facebook which is below this paragraph about a daycare worker being too dark to work with white children and that if anything a light-skinned black person would be a better option… Just writing about it upsets me, brings up old healed wounds of my own, well I thought they were healed

It reminds me of a post of my own I wrote in 2013 after a discussion with my foster daughters regarding teasing incidents at school. They were teased and bullied for their outward appearance, not one of them had a relationship with the person who made them feel less than perfect. How is that? A stranger can call you out on how you look? Ok, I’m dark skinned…ok… and? I never understood teasing..


Parents complain after childcare center hires a ‘too dark’ black woman

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It’s sad that people can be so cruel to another person over something like the color of their skin. The outside appearance of an individual has nothing to do with their personality, the heart and soul of a person is what matters, especially in cases like this.

When did it matter, other than a teacher, daycare worker, nanny, baby sitter or anyone who is left in charge of someone as precious as a child, being a loving, caring, nurturing, qualified, free of mental health issues that would cause harm and passes a criminal background check that is free of physical harm charges? When did the color of someone’s skin matter???
Are we now basing qualifications on the color of skin?  How does that look on an application or BCA checks? I wonder if this woman would feel better with a pretty, charming, intelligent, pretty, out-going white or light-skinned black child care worker with a beautiful resume, but monster hiding behind a mask.
 The so-called “too dark” child care worker, may go over and beyond her job description for the children she has under her care. This racist woman’s child may smile and run to the “too dark” worker when they arrive to school, but all she can notice is this woman’s skin color? I’m confused.

It has to be a terrible way to live; judging another human being over something none of us have control over. There are some beautiful people in the world and their insides are rotten. Their hearts are in search of a beat, void of any feeling that resembles love. They go through their day looking to inflict pain on anyone who crosses their paths that goes against what they like.

I love seafood, don’t like red meat much, but you don’t see me protesting cows or the meat lovers. My children are in a school that is 75% white in Little Canada, after attending a predominately black school in Nola. I’m not sending letters to hire more minorities and while they are at that enroll more kids that reflect the new hires..

We live on earth with human demons whose joy comes in the form of hurting others, breaking spirits and killing the soul for nothing azz reasons. You can’t be human and have hate in your heart for someone over the color of their skin. You do not have to agree with biracial dating, by not dating outside your race. There’s no reason to attack an innocent people who choose to date other races.

You can be married to someone, only to find out that he/she has been living another life. There are church leaders raping children, sleeping with people in their congregation and those very people come every service praising God with you. The President of the United States is married to a woman who is from Russia, shouldn’t we question that? But, no look at how they handled Bill for getting a blow job in the Oval Office? It was damn near a crime to have an affair then, but when the republicans were coming out bathrooms and hotel it was quickly swept under the rug.

Just recently a 62 yr old average white man shot up an outdoor concert and yet this woman and many more like her have time to type a letter about a child care worker being too dark to care for children??? Does not world not see color does not matter? She must have not be aware of the innocent looking white daycare worker who pushed a 4 yr old down the stairs and the many more incidents like it and much worse…



How can we as the human race have evolved so much over the years to still be so ignorant? We call mentally challenged people retarded and we allow people like this to be called what?? How can someone be sane and say the most absolutely ridiculous things. These judgemental people are actually sitting around praying, plotting and writing these words of hatred down and publicly sharing. It’s a good thing, because it makes us fully aware. As with everything going on in this world we needed a reminder of the evils that innocently sit by, acting, hiding behind a Jesus Cross and fake smiles. These people go home, put on their white sheets, awaiting for Trump to reinstate the Good Ole Days of hanging “Darkie” on the nearest biggest tree.

At some point in most of our lives we are teased, judged or put down by someone. We often get over it, but in some instances the word, taunting and uncaring actions from another can lead to deferential circumstances. We need to realize how we dump on people. We need to be responsible for what comes out our mouths. Just this past week we heard some not so choice words from people holding government positions, but maybe they are following suit of the President.


We talk to people wreck-less then demand judgement when they finally respond and react out of mental and emotional anguish. I had my share of word bullets, I may not have reacted aggressively, but my body has in the form of illnesses, surgeries, high blood pressure, stress, acne, weight gain, anxiety and the  list goes on. Maybe, if I would have said your thoughts of me don’t matter back my body would feel better now.

Judgement, teasing, bullying and even gossip hurts at any age. I hope this daycare worker hasn’t quit a career she may love, hopefully this woman’s words did not open up old wounds as it did mines. I hope she is doing awesome in the skin shes in.


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