What do the lonely do at Christmas 

What do the lonely do at Christmas??? 🎄🎅🏿🤶🏾  First of all you’re not Lonely, you’re Single. You will do you, meaning You will love You, your kids, your family, friends and have a wonderful Christmas.

Enjoy your life, having a man, husband or being in a relationship isnt magical as it seems, more like a fantasy you create in your head.

 Look around, more than half the women in relationships have some sort of issue with they man, from cheating to not working to being in a domestic abusive relationship and the list of issues continues. Are you willing to endure emotional, physical and/or physical pain just to have a man for Christmas???

We put to much focus in having a Man.. What is about having a man that make one all crazy.??? Loneliness? You have your family and friends, but most importantly you have you. 

I get companionship, a solid relationship, but all this fairytale BS needs to stop. Before you call yourself crying over being lonely, develop a relationship with a couple who has been together for 20+ yrs and ask them how they made it.. Having a partner takes work and dedication, a wedding is not a relationship.

Nothing wrong with having friends and being patient until your Mr.Right comes along. When he comes, he will add to the joy and love of Christmas Time. Lonely isn’t just in the physical sense, you can be lonely and married. 

Be Happy and have a beautiful Holiday regardless of your relationship status. 


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