I finally can say I had the best Eggs Benedict at Jimmy J’s Cafe in New Orleans

I stopped at Jimmy J’s late in the afternoon after attending early morning sessions hosted by New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, that’s another blog, but I had cravings for Eggs Benedict and I couldn’t think of my fave stop that offers it. I knew Jimmy J’s offerings would cure my tastes buds but I was in for a surprise.

Jimmy J’s is a small fun hip cafe like spot that serves breakfast all day. There’s a full bar located steps away from Canal St, sitting on Chartres St in New Orleans with reasonable prices that locals such as myself can afford. There’s a total of 8 tables with 6 of them to sit a party of 4, but what Jimmy J’s lacks in space, they make up for it with the great hospitality, great art, creative menu, upbeat music and out-going staff. You will know you are sitting in the middle of the French Quarter’s with the vibe within the walls of the tiny restaurant. I never had a chance to look, but a peek to the small kitchen, not sure how they keep all the variety of creative ingredients back there, but it doesn’t look as big as the bathroom there.







Jimmy J’s dishes out Oreo Cookie Pancakes with vanilla glaze and whipped cream that are big as the plate, my kids loved them, plus they were happy the cookies had crunch to it. I had a few bites and it was pretty tasty.


On any given day you will see menu items of the board that will make you say, hmmm that sound delicious, such as pork chop eggs Benedict, strawberry cheesecake pancakes, New Orleans omelette, Bacon Bloody Mary with a disk of bacon, like how did they do that lol.



As I mentioned yesterday I wanted Eggs Benedict and Jimmy J’s Eggs Benedict has been good enough for me to return often. Yesterday changed that, Chef Rachel prepared what will go down in my belly to be the best Eggs Benedict I have ever eaten. I order the basic Eggs Benedict with lump crab on top. What Chef Rachel prepared me had me leaving her my card and a nice note thanking her for putting her foot all in my food. Hopefully, you all heard of “You put your foot in it” meaning it was more than delicious. I’m not sure if it was the buttered toasted English Muffin, the egg poached just right or the magical satin smooth Hollandaise sauce, all I know is that it was bomb.com. I never eat no more than a forth of the English muffin, always opting for extra sauce on my home fries, but this time I forgot to ask and I was left swiping the muffin and potatoes across the plate attempting the sop up the last drop of it all. Never in my years of eating Eggs Benedict have I been wowed to this extent and thinking of it I never had a chef to butter and toast the English Muffin. I want to know why, it added texture and flavor, I’m thinking, because I do not know what Chef Rachel did to make my palate explode and had me rocking to the sweet sounds of Al Green playing while I ate.


Yes, I had a foodie moment lol.

I highly recommend Jimmy Jr’s to locals and tourist, y’all better hope Chef Rachel is still working there. Everyone who dined while I was there were Wowed as well. There was a table of four young women from California who not only ate breakfast, they ordered beignet fries and banana foster afterwards. Now, you know Chef Rachel was cranking out some serious nastiness out of that tiny kitchen for these model looking young ladies to disregard calories.


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